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DHS Rules

DHS Rules

All DHS rules appear below.

All DHS Rules

Rules by Division:

Division of Aging, Adult, & Behavioral Health Services – Rules

Division of Child Care & Early Childhood Education – Rules

TitleTypePosted Date
FBI Background Check FormPDF01/01/2020
Minimum Licensing Standards for Child Welfare Agencies – PlacementPDF06/01/2022
Minimum Licensing Standards for Child Welfare Agencies – ResidentialPDF06/01/2022

Division of Children & Family Services – Rules

TitleTypePosted Date
DCFS Policy and Procedure ManualPDF01/01/2024
DCFS PublicationsWebsite01/01/2024

Division of County Operations – Rules

TitleTypePosted Date
Arkansas Refugee Resettlement Program State PlanPDF01/01/2020
Community Services Block GrantPDF06/01/2020
Medical Services PolicyPDF03/27/2023
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ManualPDF12/23/2023
Transitional Employment Assistance Policy ManualPDF01/01/2023
Transitional Employment Assistance Program – State PlanPDF01/01/2020

Division of Developmental Disabilities Services – Rules

Division of Medical Services – Rules

Note: Section II of the Division of Medical Services Medicaid provider manuals is specific to each type of provider or program.

TitleTypePosted Date
Administrative Procedures of Nursing Home Quality Assurance FeePDF01/01/2020
Arkansas Medicaid State PlanPDF02/05/2024
CHIP State PlanPDF01/01/2018
Cost Reimbursement Rules for Long Term Care FacilitiesPDF08/01/2022
Health Insurance Premium PaymentPDF01/01/2020
Medicaid Provider ManualsWEB01/01/2024
Rules for Life Choices Lifeline and Continuum of Care ProgramPDF01/01/2024

Division of Provider Services & Quality Assurance – Rules

TitleTypePosted Date
Licensure Standards for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment ProgramsPDF7/17/2023
Adult Developmental Day TreatmentPDF08/01/2022
Behavioral Health Acute Crisis Unit CertificationPDF01/01/2020
Behavioral Health Agency Certification ManualPDF06/01/2022
Community Support System Provider ManualPDF01/06/2023
Early Intervention Day TreatmentPDF08/01/2022
Partial Hospitalization CertificationPDF01/01/2020
Procedures for Determination of Medical Need for Nursing Home ServicesPDF01/01/2020
Provider Manual ICF – MR 15 Bed or Less Long Term Care FacilitiesPDF01/01/2020
Provider Manual ICF – MR 16 Bed or More Long Term Care FacilitiesPDF01/01/2020
Residential Community Reintegration Program CertificationPDF01/01/2020
Rules for Adult Day Care Providers in ArkansasPDF06/01/2022
Rules and Regulations for Adult Day Health Care Providers in ArkansasPDF01/01/2020
Rules for Conducting Criminal Record Checks for Employees of Long Term Care FacilitiesPDF01/01/2020
Rules for Assisted Living Facilities Level IPDF01/01/2024
Rules for Assisted Living Facilities Level IIPDF01/01/2024
Rules for Nursing HomesPDF06/01/2022
Rules for Licensure of Nursing Home Administrators in ArkansasPDF06/01/2022
Rules for the Arkansas Long Term Care Facility – Nursing Assistant Training ProgramPDF01/01/2023
Rules for the Licensure of Residential Long-Term Care FacilitiesPDF01/01/2020
Rules Pertaining to Post-Acute Head Injury Retraining and Residential Adult Care FacilitiesPDF01/01/2020
Therapeutic Communities Certification ManualPDF01/01/2020

Division of Youth Services – Rules

TitleTypePosted Date
Division of Youth Services Operations ManualPDF03/23/2020