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How to apply for TEFRA coverage

How to apply for TEFRA coverage

Applying for TEFRA

You can apply for TEFRA by downloading this entire TEFRA application packet, filling out the required forms, and submitting it to your local DHS County Office.

The application packet includes the following forms:

Approval of your child’s application to the program is based on the eligibility requirements that are explained on the TEFRA Eligibility page.

Click here to apply online.

When will I hear something?

DHS has 45 days to determine eligibility on the TEFRA application, if a disability determination is not required. Disability determination would not be required if your child’s disability has already been established by the Social Security Administration.
If SSA has not established a disability, then a Medical Review Team, which includes doctors on staff at DHS, will review your child’s medical records to establish whether your child has a disability. Staff have up to 90 days to determine eligibility for TEFRA if your child’s disability must be determined.
In both cases, once your application has been processed, you will be sent a letter to let you know whether your child’s application was approved or whether your child was determined to be ineligible for the program.

Renewing TEFRA

Your child’s TEFRA must be renewed each year so that DHS can be sure your child is still eligible for the TEFRA program. Renew online at Access Arkansas.