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Arkansas Collegiate Network (ACN)

Arkansas Collegiate Network (ACN)

About Arkansas Collegiate Network

Created in 2018, the Arkansas Collegiate Network (ACN) is a robust group of campus community leaders. Together, we work to increase connection and wellbeing across the state through substance misuse prevention. You may have heard of us through our semi-annual campaign, Save AR Students. Click here to fill out our form to request more information about getting involved with ACN!

Our Mission

The mission of the Arkansas Collegiate Network is to empower campus leaders to create a healthier Arkansas by effectively addressing substance misuse. Our vision is to be a coalition led by students, faculty, and staff working toward a shared goal through inter-collegiate communication.

Get Involved

The best way to connect with us is to attend one of our monthly online meetings. We discuss a variety of prevention-related topics and share challenges and successes. Request an invitation here. All are welcome. If you are unable to make our meetings, you can still participate in other ACN events. Just fill out the form below.


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Collegiate Population Activities
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Opioid Education for College Students

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Who We Are