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Dermott Juvenile Treatment Center

Dermott Juvenile Treatment Center

Aerial view of Dermott facility

The Southeast Arkansas Regional Juvenile Program at Dermott, represents the state-of-the-art in serious offender facilities and has incorporated numerous advances in both construction design and technology. This is also the only one of the 6 serious offender programs that is contained within a security fence, felt necessary due to close proximity to the Delta state adult correctional facility as a means to provide enhanced safety and some limited degree of sight and sound separation.
This particular program utilizes certain aspects of military dress and discipline as a basis for development of self-discipline, self-respect, motivation and a variety of other characteristics necessary for success as an adolescent and young adult. The main emphasis in this program is solid education and vocational training. The center is located in Chicot County.

Dermott Juvenile Treatment Center
PO Box 142
Dermott, AR 71639-0142
Phone: (870) 538-0223