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Community Reintegration for Children

Community Reintegration for Children

Total Award Amount: $5,000,000

Award Information:

  • This grant will be awarded to either one single bidder or two bidders at $2,500,000 max.
  • For a successful single bidder to be selected, the site needs to incorporate multiple facilities integrated around a community center.

Application Due Date: June 3, 2024

Statement of Need:

Arkansas currently has only one community reintegration facility in the entire state (located at Ft. Smith). However, we have 500 Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) beds and other settings appropriate for children to transition to a more home like setting. This demonstrates the need for at least 7-8 new community reintegration facilities to be built. The state is looking for a unique business model that maximizes true community reintegration, including engagement with local public schools.

Required Grant Activities:

This funding will be awarded to construct or renovate physical infrastructure that supports new community reintegration programs for children across Arkansas.

Program Description:

This grant allows Medicaid providers to build new or renovate existing structures to function as Community Reintegration facilities (16-bed units) for children that provide step-down support from high-cost settings. Community Reintegration is designed to serve as an intermediate level of care between the discharge from inpatient psychiatric facilities to living in a family home environment. Community reintegration aims to allow for supported transition from institutional to community settings by providing intensive therapeutic care in a community based residential setting.

Applicant Qualifications:

Applicants selected for the project, must, at a minimum, meet the below requirements:

  • Must be enrolled as a Medicaid provider OR must demonstrate a viable pathway to enrolling as a Medicaid provider within the grant period.
  • Must be enrolled in the PASSE networks or will enroll within the grant period.
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to serving Medicaid members within the community through the grant period and beyond.
  • Must have capacity to begin project work by September 1, 2024. A workplan will be required.
  • As part of this project, all grant recipients will be required to participate in evaluation activities and provide data as requested by the Department.

Priority Geographic Areas:

Central and South Arkansas. Preference will be given to providers who can build Community Reintegration Centers in prioritized parts of the state in a community-based setting.

Grant Usage Requirements:

  • Grant funds may only be used to supplement, expand, or start a community reintegration program.
  • Project work must begin after legislative approval of the grant, tentative start date of September 1, 2024. Expenses incurred prior to this date are not eligible for grant funding.
  • Project work must be completed by September 2026.  Project expenses incurred after this date are not eligible for grant funding. Incomplete construction by September 2026 will result in provider’s repayment of ARPA grant funding.
  • Grantee must agree to participate in all program evaluations, report required program metrics, and provide all data as requested to the department, within established grant timelines.
  • Grant funding will be paid on a reimbursement basis. Grantees will begin grant work and will provide monthly progress reports to Arkansas Department of Human Services. The grantee will be paid a portion of the grant amount based on the successful completion of the monthly progress report (which may include invoices used to verify grant expenses). Upon successful completion of all monthly reports, the grantee will receive their entire grant award.

Ineligible Activities:

  • Grant funds may not be used to supplant pre-existing functions.
  • Grant funds may not be used for prospective payments. A prospective payment is a method of reimbursement in which Medicaid payments are made based on a predetermined, fixed amount.

How to Apply:

All of the following items must be submitted online through email only between May 3, 2024— June 3, 2024, 5:00 PM CT. Submit packets to Hunter Ballard at

Late and/or incomplete application packets will not be considered. The grant review committee reserves the right to deem an application ineligible if it does not include all required documents.

Required Application Items:

Contact Information:
If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please reach out to the Department through the program contact:

Hunter Ballard-Medicaid Specialty Populations