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Information About Visitation In A Facility

Information About Visitation In A Facility

The Arkansas State Legislature’s 93rd Assembly passed Act 311 of 2021, known as the No Patient Left Alone Act. In that legislation, DHS was directed to develop informational materials regarding the Act and provide those to facilities and the public. DHS released an advisory memo regarding this visitation information on April 9, 2021 to all Long-Term Care Facilities. Below you will find a copy of that memo, Visitation Notices that can be downloaded, printed and placed in the facility, and view the DHS developed slide presentation titled “What You Should Know: Long-Term Care Facility Visitation.”

An individual may file a complaint with the appropriate state agency or licensing board, including the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services, for failing to comply with the No Patient Left Alone Act. To the extent permitted by state and federal laws, the long-term care facility could be subject to citation and enforcement actions. To report a visitation violation or complaint, you may contact 1-800-582-4887, or email

Notice to the Public Regarding No Patient Left Alone Act
To provide information on visitation, your rights and how to file a complaint

Advisory Memo LTC-A-2021-06
Notice of No Patient Left Alone Act-Compassionate Care Visitation

Long-Term Care Facility Notice Regarding Visitation
To be downloaded, printed, and placed in facility

What You Should Know: Long-Term Care Facility Visitation
PowerPoint Presentation Slides