Memos and Transmittals

Memos and Transmittals

The following memos and transmittals have been issued by the Office of Long Term Care and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly known as HCFA). The following documents are available for download. Choose the year you are searching for:

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LTC-A201908Advisory Memo – Notice of Tuberculosis (TB) TestingPDF
LTC-A201907Notice of Plan to Adopt Electronic Plan of Correction ProcessPDF
LTC-A201907Clarification of ADA Regulations for Long Term Care FacilitiesPDF
LTC-A201906Clarification of ADA Regulations for Long Term Care FacilitiesPDF
LTC-A201905Notice of New Surety Bond Documentation RequirementsPDF
LTC-A201904Notice of Cecilia Vinson Appointment as Director of OLTCPDF
LTC-A201903Changes in OLTC LeadershipPDF
LTC-A201902Notice of Administrator License Renewal and Inactive StatusPDF
LTC-A201901Nursing Facility and ICF License Renewal NoticePDF
LTC-A201804NF and ICF Wall License DelayPDF
LTC-A201803Ombudsman Notice of NF Discharges and TransfersPDF
LTC-A201802Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice – 2018PDF
LTC-A2018012018 Nursing Facility Licensure Renewal NoticePDF
LTC-A201705Entrance Information Requirement for New Survey Process
LTC-A201704Emailing Medical Needs Notification Documents to Nursing Facilities
LTC-A201703Facility Floor Plans Requirements under New Long Term Care Survey Process
LTC-A2017022017 Notice of Administrator License Renewal and Inactive Status
LTC-A2017012017 Nursing Facility Licensure Renewal NoticePDF
LTC-A2016082017 RCF ALF ADC ADHC PAHI Licensure Renewal NoticePDF
LTC-A201607FBI CRC Fee Reduction NoticePDF
LTC-A201606Facilities Running CRCs after ECR DisqualificationsPDF
LTC-A201605Training Notice for Medical Eligibility for Nursing Homes and PASRRPDF
LTC-A201604Nursing Home Administrator License Annual Renewal NoticePDF
LTC-R201603Administrator License Reinstatement and Compact Nurse Instructors for NATPsPDF
LTC-A201602License Renewal RCF, ADC/ADHC, and Post-Acute Head Injury Notice
LTC-A2016012016 Nursing Facility Licensure Renewal Notice
LTC-A201506CRC Determination Letter Changes
LTC-A2015052015 Medical Eligibility and PASRR Basics Training Notice
LTC-A201504NF Administrator License Renewal and Inactive Status NoticePDF
LTC-A201503National Criminal Record Check Fee Change Notice
LTC-A201502NF and ICF License Renewal Notice
LTC-A201501RCF/ALF/ADC/ADHC/PAHI Licensure Renewal Notice
LTC-A2014042014 NF Admin License Renewal NoticePDF
LTC-A201403PASRR Training and Medicaid Medical Eligibility Criteria for Nursing Homes
LTC-A201402ALF/RCF Licensure Memo for 2014
LTC-A201401Nursing Facility Licensure Renewal for 2014
LTC-A201307Resident Review Schedule Change for ICFsPDF
LTC-A2013062013 Nursing Facility Administrator License Renewal NoticePDF
LTC-A201305CMS Revised Guidance on Physician Delegation
LTC-A201304Notice of Review of PASRR Records
LTC-A201303Phone Number Changes for OLTC
LTC-A201302Nursing Facility Licensure Renewal for 2013PDF
LTC-A201301Licensure Renewal for 2013PDF
LTC-A201209Hand in Hand Training Material Notice
LTC-A201208Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes
LTC-A201207Insulin Pen Use and Infection Control
LTC-A2012062012 PASRR Training NoticePDF
LTC-A201205Notice of Administrator License RenewalPDF
LTC-A201204Criminal Record Check Program-Change in Fee
LTC-A2012042012 – Notice of Administrator License Renewal and Inactive Status
LTC-R201203CRC and NATP – Removal of Phone-Based Check and Unified CRC
LTC-A201202Nursing Facility Licensure Renewal for 2012PDF
LTC-A201201RCF/AL license renewalPDF
LTC-A201114Gardens Producing Foods for Residents
LTC-A201113Mandate of Section 6121 of the Affordable Care Act for Nurse Aide Training in Nursing Homes
LTC-A201112Reporting Reasonable Suspicions of Crimes
LTC-A201111CMS Guidance on use of Cameras in ICF/MR Common Areas
LTC-R201110ALF Regulations Use of Universal Workers in ALF Based ASCUs
LTC-A201109Notice of New OLTC Web SitePDF
LTC-A201108Notice of PASRR Training
LTC-A201107Notice of Section S MDS Submissions
LTC-A201106Notice of Address Change for Options Counseling Web site
LTC-A201105Administrator Renewal Notice
LTC-A201104PASRR Training Notice
LTC-A201103Licensure Renewal for NFs and ICFsMR 2011PDF
LTC-A201102Licensure Renewal for ALFs RCFs PAHIs 2011PDF
LTC-A201101Interior Finish Documentation Requirements for Nursing Homes
LTC-A201014Revisions to National CRC Determination Letter
LTC-A201013OLTC ContactsPDF
LTC-A201012Emailing Medical Needs Notification Documents to Nursing Facilities
LTC-A201011Use of Surge Suppressors in RCFs and ALFs
LTC-R201010Amendment to Options Counseling – Adding Section Q Referrals
LTC-R201009HomeStyle Regulations for Nursing Homes – Notice of Promulgation
LTC-A201008Notice of Designation of Local Contact Agency (LCA) for MDS 3.0
LTC-R201007Evacuation Drills for ICFs/MR
LTC-A201006Wall Mounted Devices – CMS Revision
LTC-R201005CNA Training Program Waivers
LTC-A201004Nursing Home Administrator License Renewal Notice
LTC-R201003revised, wrong form sent before, Options Counseling – New Form
LTC-A201002Notice of Long Term Care Facility License Renewal
LTC-A201001Licensure Renewal, RCF/ALF
LTC-A200918H1N1 Updated Information for Facilities
LTC-R200917Amended ALF Level II Regulations
LTC-R200916Criminal Record Check – Revised Regulations effective September 1, 2009
LTC-A200915DOH Swine Flu Guidance to LTC Facilities – Reminder
LTC-A200914Electronic Records – Access by SSA
LTC-A200913Notice of PASRR Training for 2009
LTC-A200912Assisted Living Single Occupancy
LTC-A200911Notice of Award of Green House Grants for 2010
LTC-A200910ICFs/MR Requirements for Money Management of Clients
LTC-R200909Changes to Medical Needs Procedures
LTC-A200908Personal Funds and SSA Requirements
LTC-A200907Stimulus Checks to LTC Facility Residents
LTC-A200906DOH Swine Flu Guidance to LTC Facilities
LTC-A200905Notice of Administrator License Renewal and Inactive Status
LTC-A200904Licensen Renewal for RCF, ALF I and II
LTC-A200902OLTC Contact Information 2009
LTC-A200901Nursing Facility License Renewal
LTC-A200814Notice of DOH’s Web Based TB Reporting System
LTC-A200813Nursing Homes – Launching of Five Star Rating System on the Nursing Home Compare Website
LTC-A200812CMS Notice of Sprinker Requirement
LTC-R200811Green House Regulations
LTC-A200810Dietary Training
LTC-A200809New Medical Needs Fax Number
LTC-A200808Surveyors Cannot Offer Information During Investigation
LTC-R200807Remove DMS Director from Findings Appeals
LTC-R200806Notice of Options Counseling Program
LTC-A200805Heparin Recall
LTC-A200804The Mediciad Nursing Home Eligibility Process & the PASSR Evaluation Process
LTC-A200803Notice of Administrator License Renewal & Inactive Status
LTC-A200802RCF ALF Licensure Renewal for 2008PDF
LTC-A200801Notice of Long Term Care Facility License Renewal
LTC-A200717Revision to CMS SSF Memo S&C-08-02
LTC-A200716Notice of Revised Death Certificates by DOH
LTC-A200715Participation in Satisfaction Survey
LTC-A200714CMS Update – Special Focus Facilities
LTC-A200713Notice of Initial Survey Delay or Denial
LTC-A200712Criminal Record Checks-Changes in Fees
LTC-A200711Canopies and Sprinklering for Nursing Homes – CMS Memo
LTC-A200710CMS Clarifications of Terms for Physical Restraints
LTC-R200709Electronic Records and Signatures in Nursing Facilities
LTC-R200708Water Tempratures in RCFs
LTC-A200707Nursing Assistant Training Program-Allied College Retraining Courses
LTC-A200706Notice of Provider Training on the Survey Process
LTC-A200705Nursing Assistant Training Assistant – Alert
LTC-A200704Licensure Renewal for 2008
LTC-A200703Notice of Administrator License Renewal and Inactive Status
LTC-A200702NF/ICFMR License Renewal Notice Memo
LTC-A200701Storage of Medical Gas
LTC-A200625Notice of RAI MDS WBT
LTC-A200624LSC – Exit Discharge Requirements and the Fire Safety Evaluation System
LTC-A200623Nursing Assistant Training Program – Regulation Clarifications
LTC-A200622Final CMS Rule – Alcohol-based hand rub dispenser and batter-powered smoke detecors
LTC-A200621Notice of Training-Medicaid Nursing Home Eligibility Process & PASSR Evaluation Process and DDS< DBHS and Waiver Options
LTC-R200620New ADC/ADHC Regulations
LTC-R200619Wireless Nurse Call System Regulations
LTC-A200618Pre-Admit Screening Resident Review (PASRR) Reminder Notice
LTC-A2006172nd Notice of Alzheimer Training
LTC-R200615Alzheimer’s Training for CNAs
LTC-R200614New Daily Staffing Log
LTC-A200613Life Safety Code – Clarification of the Amount of Air Movement Allowed Between Corridors and Resident Rooms and Plenum Waiver Requirements
LTC-A200612S&C Guidance Training for Activities and Activity Directors, MDS Updates; Psychosocial Outcome Severity Guide, Quality Assessment and Assurance, and Life Safety Code Requirements
LTC-R200611RCF/ALF Fax Number Notice
LTC-A200610Roller Latches and Emergency Lighting Notice to ICFs/MR
LTC-A200609Notice of Regional Pandemic Influenza Summits
LTC-A200608Notice of LSC for Roller Latches and Emergency Lighting
LTC-A200607NF Admin Renewal
LTC-A200606Notice of Licensure Renewal for Nursing Facilities and ICFs/MR
LTC-A200605State Facilities Licensure Renewal for 2007
LTC-R200604New Fax Number for Medical Needs Determination
LTC-R200603Provisional Licensure – Notice of Regulations
LTC-A200602OLTC Contact Persons and Telephone Numbers
LTC-A200601Medical Needs Determination Fax Number
LTC-A200528CRC Fee Increase Notice
LTC-A200527S&C Letters 06-03 and 06-05 – Immunization and Medical Directors Revisions
LTC-R200526Minimum Staffing and Donation of Drugs Reg Notice Memo
LTC-A200525Medical Eligibility and PASSR Training Notice
LTC-R200524LTCR Employment Clearance Registry On-Line Services
LTC-A200523Checking Other State Registries
LTC-A200522CRC for Katrina Evacuees
LTC-A200521Criminal Record Check Program – Expunged/Sealed Records
LTC-A200520Procedures for Unwanted or Discontinued Controlled Subtances
LTC-A200519Notice of New OLTC Web Site Address
LTC-A200518Notice of Training for Federal and State Regulatory Changes, State Law Changes and AIPP
LTC-A200517National Provider Identifier Notice
LTC-A200516CMS Clarification on LSC – Sprinkling
LTC-A200515Notice of Two-Day Life Safety Code Training
LTC-R200514Appeal and RCF Incident Reporting Regulation Changes
LTC-A200513Criminal Record Check Program – Online Determination Letter
LTC-A200512Multiple Patient Use of Fingerstick and Glucose Monitoring Devices – Hepatitis B
LTC-A200511RCF/ALF Disclosure Statements Notice
LTC-A200510RCF/ALF I & II License Renewal
LTC-A200509Notice of Interim Final Rule on Smoke Detectors
LTC-A200508SOM Changes for Incontinence and Catheters
LTC-A200507Notice of Long Term Care Facility License Renewal
LTC-A200506Accessing the New MDS QI/QM, DHS Work Force Service Center, Jonesobor
LTC-A200505Vail Bed – Recall
LTC-A200504Notice of Administrator License Renewal and Inactive Status
LTC-A200503Accessing the New MDS QI/QM, Changes in QI/QM Reports, New System Requirements, Data Specification Changes and Software Upgrades
LTC-A200502Nursing Homes – Updated Facility Computer Specifications
LTC-A200501Notice of CMS Posting of S&C Letters On Web
LTC-A200426DOH Food Services Inspections – Rescinding LTC-A-2004-19
LTC-R200425Promulgation – Amended ALF regulations
LTC-R200423Nurse Aid Removal Petition Regulations
LTC-A200422Notice of Air Conditioner Recall
LTC-A200421Use of Anitviral Meds to Reduce Impact of Flu on High Risk Individuals
LTC-A200420Serving Undercooked or Rays Eggs to Nursing Home Residents
LTC-A200419Arkansas Department of Health Food Service Inspections
LTC-A200418Electronic Records or Signatures
LTC-A200417OLTC Updated Contact List
LTC-A200416Mounting Computer Touch Screens in Hallways – CMS Position
LTC-A200415ESRD Clarification from CMS
LTC-A200414Appointment of RAI Coordinator – Sue Gaines
LTC-A200413Notice of On-Line Criminal Background Checks
LTC-A200412Notice of SIQ Resource and Web Site
LTC-A200411Minimum Data Set (MDS) Training for New MDS Coordinators, Directors of Nurses and Administrators
LTC-A200410NATP In-Facility Testing
LTC-A200409License Renewal of RCFs
LTC-A200408Fire Ant Treatment and Prevention
LTC-R200407Criminal Record Checks – Revised Regulations Effective May 1, 2004
LTC-A200406Annual Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice – NFs
LTC-R200405NF and Large ICF/MR Reg Promulgation and Application Form on Web
LTC-A200404Notice of Process Indicator Training–Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment
LTC-A200403West Nile Virus Advisory
LTC-A200402Notice of LTC License Renewal for 2004
LTC-A200401CMS’ Clarification on Nursing Homes Requiring Promissory Notes or Deposit Fees as a Condition of Admission, and Implications Related to Surety Bonds
LTC-R200338Notice of Emergency Promulgation – Level II ALFs – Section 901
LTC-A200337CMS Position on Physician Delegation – Amended
LTC-A200336Transferring of Liquid Oxygen
LTC-A200335MDS 101 Training Notice
LTC-A200334Notice of Process Indicator Training and Presentation by Julie Braun, JD
LTC-R200333Notice of Promulgation – Third Tier Minimum Staffing Regulations
LTC-R200332Notice of Promulgation – Alzheimer’s Special Care Units for Nursing Homes
LTC-R200331Notice of Promulgation – Corrected Medical Needs Determination Regulations
LTC-A200330Changes to RAI Manual
LTC-R200329Notice of Amended CRC Regulations
LTC-A200328CMS Life Safety Code Training
LTC-A200327Notice of Training-New DHS-703
LTC-R200326Notice of New 703 Form
LTC-A200325Adult Abuse Act, Abuse & Neglect Investigations, Incident & Accident Report & Criminal Background Checktraining for Nursing Facilities & ICFs/MR
LTC-R200324Notice of IDR Regulations
LTC-A200323Notice of Sprinkler Recall
LTC-A200322Correction to LTC-R-2003-19 – Medical Need Determination Regulations
LTC-A200321CMS Positions on IDR, Distinct Parts, and HIPAA
LTC-A200320Increase in State Police Fee for CRC
LTC-R200319Amendment to Medical Need Determination – AFMC Removal
LTC-A200318Advisory Memo of Notice of Change to IDR – Requests to Health Department
LTC-A200317Notice of CNA Training and Testing Changes Under New Chancy Contract
LTC-A200316Notice of Use of 2000 Edition of Life Safety Code for NFs, SNFs and ICFs/MR
LTC-A200315No Staffing Increases for NFs July 1, 2003
LTC-A200314CRC and Expungments
LTC-A200313Notice of License Renewal to ALFs, RCFs, etc.
LTC-A200312CMS S&C Letter on Physician Delegation
LTC-A200311Notice of Federal Update Training to Facilities
LTC-A200310Long Term Care License Renewal Notice to Facilities
LTC-A200309OLTC Access to Resident Medical Records Under HIPPA
LTC-A200308Notice of Change to Form 671 Completion
LTC-A200308Notice of Change to Form 671 Completion
LTC-A200307Preventing Delay in PA Drugs
LTC-A200306Nursing Home Administrator License Renewal
LTC-A200305Survey Procedures Training for Nursing Home Providers
LTC-A200304CMS Position – Binding Arbitration
LTC-A200303Notice of Posting – Citations
LTC-A200302Notice of MDS Manual Revision and Download Location
LTC-A200301Notice of PI Training on Restraints
LTC-R200228Minimum Staffing – Notice of Promulgation and Effective Date for 2nd Tier
LTC-A200227Notice of Compliance, Inspection and Imposition of Remedies – Emergency Generators
LTC-A200226Notice of Proposed Increase in Minimum Staffing Ratios for Nursing Homes
LTC-A200225Change in Requirement for Signed Physician’s Order for Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccine
LTC-A200224Notice of Federal Posting Requirement
LTC-A200223Reminder to ICFs/MR of Requirement to Investigate Abuse and Neglect
LTC-A200222Training – Assisted Living Facilities Regulations
LTC-A200221Contacting Out-of-State Registries
LTC-R200220Changes to Medical Need Determination Process for Nursing Home Applicants
LTC-A200219Notice of Promulgation-Assisted Living Facilities
LTC-A200218New OLTC Web Site Notice
LTC-A200218Cost Reimbursement Manual Revision to Remove Unnecessary Accounts
LTC-A200217Notice of Lack of Funds for July 1, 2002 Minimum Staffing Increases under Act 1397 of 2001
LTC-A200216Criminal Record Check – New Crimes
LTC-A200215Process Indicator Finalization: Behavior Management and Antipsychotic Medication Prescribing
LTC-A200214Sprinkler Head Recall Notice
LTC-A200214Sprinker Head Recall Notice – Revision
LTC-A200211Notice of Facility License Renewal
LTC-R200209Dietary Supervisor Regulations
LTC-A200208Criminal Record Checks – Fingerprint Rejections
LTC-A200207Administrator License Renewal Notice
LTC-A200206Sprinkler Head Recall Notice – Update
LTC-A200205Process Indicator Training Notice
LTC-A200204Hydration and Nutrition Training – Notice of Change to Date and Location
LTC-A200203Quality Indicator Training Notice
LTC-A200202Clinical Skills Observers Training by Chauncey Group – Notice
LTC-A200201Notice of Statewide Pharmacy Provider – VOID – NEVER ISSUED
LTC-A200121Hydration and Nutrition Training Notice
LTC-A200120Notice of Statewide Single-Entity Pharmacy Provider – VOID – NEVER ISSUED
LTC-A200119Personal Care Items in Residents’ Rooms
LTC-R200118Minimum Staffing Regulations – NFs
LTC-A200117NATCEP Clinical Test Workshop
LTC-A200116Emergency Generators – No NFPA Standards for Older Facilities – Revision to LTC-A-2001-12
LTC-A200115Voluntary Terminations by Providers from the Medicare or Medicaid Programs – Clarification
LTC-A200114Medicare Applications Provided by and Processed by Fiscial Intermediary
LTC-R200113Criminal Record Check Amendments from 2001 Session
LTC-A200112Emergency Generators – Exemption from NFPA Standards for Older Facilities
LTC-A200111Record Retention by Facilities
LTC-A200110Nurse Aide Training Requirements with Regards to Transporting verses Transfering – NFs – Clarification
LTC-R200109Cycle-Fill Medication and Pharmacy NoticePDF
LTC-A200108Monthly QI Indication Comparison Reports
LTC-A200107Discharge of Residents
LTC-A200105Verification of Compliance Update
LTC-A200105Contact and Telephone Numbers for OLTC
LTC-A200104Emergency Generator Installation in NFs
LTC-A200103Licensure Renewal Forms for NFs
LTC-A200102Administrator Licensure Renewal and Inactive Status Notice
LTC-R200001Rate Methodology – VOID – Never Sent
LTC-A200039Bingo Card Medication Expiration Date
LTC-R200038Posting Regulations – Implementation
LTC-A200037Immunization in NFs and DOH Regulations
LTC-A200036Verification of Compliance Changes and 3 and 6 month Sanctions
LTC-A200035Posting – Draft Rules and Regulations
LTC-A200034Administrator Licensure Application Notarized Signatures – Clarification
LTC-A200033Telemedicine FAQ
LTC-A200032Definition of Restraints in Health Care Facilities from HCFA/FDA
LTC-A200031MDS Forms Update for September 2000
LTC-A200030DCO Form Change, stating Medicaid applicants that don’t obtain eligibility are responsible for payment
LTC-A200028Haldol Use in NFs
LTC-A200027MDS User Manual and Submission Error Message Manual – Notification of Posting to MDS Web Site
LTC-A200026Recission of LTC-M-99-15, SNF Rules on Distinct Part Bed Size
LTC-A200025Discharge of Residents with Forms
LTC-A200024Death Certificates – Have physician indicate whether death was reported to coroner
LTC-A200023Administrator Regulation change to require notarized signatures for criminal record checks
LTC-R200022Administrator Licensure Changes – Formerly LTC-M-2000-06
LTC-R200021Wage Enhancement Calculations
LTC-R200020Incident and Accident Reporting Regulations – Promulgated
LTC-A200017Carol Shockley – OLTC Director Announcment
LTC-A200016License Renewal Notice – NFs
LTC-R200015Small ICF/MR Rate Effective July 1, 2000 – Arkansas State Plan Transmittal #00-08
LTC-R200014Census Procedures for Nursing Homes
LTC-A200013Contact and Telephone Number List
LTC-A200013Resident Assessments and MDS Changes
LTC-A200012MDS Privacy Notice
LTC-A200011Continuing Enforcement on New Non-Compliance
LTC-A200010Demented Residents – Citing Deficiencies for Abuse
LTC-M200009Wage Enhancement Quarterly Certificate
LTC-A200008Bed Changes in Emergencies
LTC-M200007Incident and Accident Reporting Regulations
LTC-M200006Administrator Licensure Renewal for NFs
LTC-M200005Trust Fund Accounting Clarification

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