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Memos and Transmittals

Memos and Transmittals

The following memos and transmittals have been issued by the Office of Long Term Care and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly known as HCFA). The following documents are available for download.

DPSQA Memos and Transmittals

1LTC-A201908Advisory Memo – Notice of Tuberculosis (TB) Testing
2LTC-A201907Notice of Plan to Adopt Electronic Plan of Correction Process
3LTC-A201907Clarification of ADA Regulations for Long Term Care Facilities
4LTC-A201906Clarification of ADA Regulations for Long Term Care Facilities
5LTC-A201905Notice of New Surety Bond Documentation Requirements
6LTC-A201904Notice of Cecilia Vinson Appointment as Director of OLTC
7LTC-A201903Changes in OLTC Leadership
8LTC-A201902Notice of Administrator License Renewal and Inactive Status
9LTC-A201901Nursing Facility and ICF License Renewal Notice
10LTC-A202001Advisory Memorandum – Nursing Facility Licensure Renewal for 2020
13LTC-A201804NF and ICF Wall License Delay
14LTC-A201803Ombudsman Notice of NF Discharges and Transfers
15LTC-A201802Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice – 2018
16LTC-A2018012018 Nursing Facility Licensure Renewal Notice
17LTC-A201705Entrance Information Requirement for New Survey Process
18LTC-A201704Emailing Medical Needs Notification Documents to Nursing Facilities
19LTC-A201703Facility Floor Plans Requirements under New Long Term Care Survey Process
20LTC-A2017022017 Notice of Administrator License Renewal and Inactive Status
21LTC-A2017012017 Nursing Facility Licensure Renewal Notice
22LTC-A2016082017 RCF ALF ADC ADHC PAHI Licensure Renewal Notice
23LTC-A201607FBI CRC Fee Reduction Notice
24LTC-A201606Facilities Running CRCs after ECR Disqualifications
25LTC-A201605Training Notice for Medical Eligibility for Nursing Homes and PASRR
26LTC-A201604Nursing Home Administrator License Annual Renewal Notice
27LTC-R201603Administrator License Reinstatement and Compact Nurse Instructors for NATPs