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Employment Verifications

Employment Verifications

IMPORTANT: The process below can only be used for individuals who are or were previously employed by the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS). We cannot verify employment for individuals who worked at other state agencies or for programs related to DHS.

All requests must be submitted in writing via US mail to the address below, via fax to 501.682.6553 or via email to Requests must include a signed and dated Verification of Employment (VOE) form from the previous or current employee in question. Employment verification information cannot be provided over the phone.

DHS Office of Human Resources – Personnel
618 Main Street
P.O. Box 1437 – Slot W301
Little Rock, AR 72201-1437

The OHR will verify:

  • Job title
  • Dates or length of employment
  • Employment status (full/part-time, regular/extra-help)
  • Annual base salary *
  • Eligible for rehire (no gross misconduct termination in past)

The OHR will not verify:

  • Addresses (current or previous)
  • Information relating to timesheet, work schedule, attendance or leave (including FMLA)
  • Salary breakdown (net, benefit cost, etc.)
  • Job duties **
  • Performance or disciplinary information
  • Drug test results or criminal background check results

*Release of Salary Information

If a third-party requestor needs to obtain salary information, the employee must complete a Verification of Employment (VOE) form prior to release of this information. If the OHR does not receive a signed/dated form, the office will only direct the requestor to the Arkansas Transparency website where salary information on current employees can be located:

**Employment References

The OHR does not provide references for employment. If an employer would like to obtain information on specific job duties, a previous or current Supervisor or HR Liaison in the specific department or unit may be able to provide that information if the employee provides direct contact information and consent to release. Employment references are not legally required and therefore no agent of DHS is obligated to provide this information.

External Verification Requests

For a third-party requestor (mortgage company, apartment property management, bank, etc.) the requestor may mail, email or fax their form or complete the Verification of Employment (VOE) form. Requests will be completed in three (3) business days in the order they are received. Additional time may be required if the requests includes a non-computerized records search.

Formal Letter of Verification

If a physical letter is required, please complete the Verification of Employment (VOE) form. Information provided in a letter of verification is standardized and cannot be customized.

Letters include:

  • Employee name
  • Current or most recent job title
  • Annual base salary (if requested)
  • Employment status (full/part-time, regular/extra-help)

Formal Letters are prepared on DHS OHR letterhead. Letters may be picked up in the Office of Human Resources – Personnel unit on Main Street in Little Rock, AR during normal business hours with prior approval. Please be prepared to present a valid photo ID for identification verification purposes. A letter may also be emailed or faxed to one address that you specify on the request form.

For more information, please reference: