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Harrisburg Juvenile Treatment Center

Harrisburg Juvenile Treatment Center

Aerial view of facility

This serious offender facility, completed in early 1997, is unique in that it is located very near the downtown area of the city of Harrisburg. As a result, there is increased interaction by the citizenry and local officials, which has been extremely positive. This kind of proximity offers the opportunity to provide greater knowledge and first-hand experience to the public regarding the types of issues facing young offenders, as well as expose the juvenile population to direct community perspectives. The residents of this program are brought together with a variety of groups which include the Senior Citizens Group, city management, and local offices of the Fish & Game Commission, for a variety of projects.

This program emphasizes the value of education, character development and integrity. Utilizing individualized plans, juveniles become accountable for their actions and develop the ability to avoid delinquent behavior. There is no use of punishment disincentives and motivation is encouraged through an intensive staff-support network. The young offenders placed here strive to demonstrate desirable character development and attain specified educational goals prior to consideration for release.  The center is located in Poinsett County.

Harrisburg Juvenile Treatment Center
1800 Pine Grove Lane
Harrisburg, AR 72432-9334
Phone: (870) 578-5886