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Services for Children with DD/ID Needs

Services for Children with DD/ID Needs

Families who have children who have intellectual or developmental disabilities or delays have several options, regardless of income, to help their children learn. All children develop differently, and each child should have a treatment plan tailored to his or her needs.

Help for Families that are Eligible for Medicaid

If you apply and are approved for Medicaid, your child may be eligible to get services to help with a developmental delay or disability.

For special services such as therapies, a physician’s prescription and therapist’s evaluation will be required to decide which services are appropriate.

  • Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) provides services and developmental assessments for children and youth aged 0-20, including:
    • Assessment of both physical and mental health development
    • Immunizations
    • Lab tests
    • Hearing and vision services
    • Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy for children with Autism
  • Early Intervention Day Treatment (EIDT) is a program available for children and youth aged 0-20 years old to deliver services in a clinic setting:
    • Diagnosis and evaluation
    • Instruction in the areas of self-help, socialization, communication
    • Physical therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Speech therapy
    • Nursing services
  • Autism Waiver provides services for children aged 18 months to 8 years old with Autism to help build skills in their natural environments in the areas of cognition, communication, self-care, socialization, and appropriate behavior.

Help for Families that are not Eligible for Medicaid

Two grant programs also help Arkansas residents who may not be eligible for Medicaid to get services that help with developmental disabilities at no cost to the families.

  • First Connections provides early intervention, or developmental services, for eligible infants and toddlers age birth to 36 months. This includes:
    • Health and medical services
    • Developmental, Occupational, Physical, or Speech therapy
    • Psychological services
    • Hearing and vision services
    • Service coordination
  • Children with Chronic Health Conditions is a program that provides children who are under the age of 18 and have chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, or special health care needs with services including:
    • Medical supplies
    • Adaptive equipment
    • Respite services
    • Vehicle modifications
    • Case management

Home and Community-Based Waiver Services

Medicaid-eligible Arkansans of all ages with IDD may apply to get home and community-based services that are not included in traditional Medicaid through the Community and Employment Support (CES) Waiver. This waiver helps clients with IDD to live in the community rather than in an institutional setting such as a nursing home or Intermediate Care Facility. CES Waiver services include:

  • Care Coordination – includes collaborating on care planning and goals, medication management, and service coordination through a person-centered service plan (PCSP)
  • Respite – temporary direct care and supervision for a client due to the absence of the primary giver or to provide a break for the caregiver
  • Supported Employment –helps clients reach their goals of working in integrated workplaces for pay; services include career planning, support at a work site, and job coaching
  • Supportive Living – services and activities to help clients live in their own home, with family or in a setting such as an apartment or provider-owned group home
  • Community Transition Services – help with set-up expenses for clients who are transitioning from an institutional or provider-operated living arrangement, such as an intermediate care facility or group home, to a living arrangement in a private home where the client or client’s guardian is directly responsible for his or her own living expenses
  • Supplemental Support –provides for additional support if unforeseen needs arise to avoid disrupting the client’s services or placement

The PASSE is a program that serves Medicaid clients with complex behavioral health, developmental, or intellectual disabilities, including clients on the CES Waiver.

Getting Services

The DDS Intake and Referral unit is the best place to start if you, a loved one, or a person in your care needs services and support. You can contact DDS Intake and Referral by calling 501-683-5687 or submit an online request for services.