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DHS Integrity

DHS Integrity

At the Arkansas Department of Human Services, we take the integrity of our programs, employees, and partners seriously. If there are problems, we want to know about them so that we can investigate and address them properly.

DHS Integrity Poster
DHS Integrity Poster

There are a number of ways for you to report issues. If you suspect fraud on the part of providers or  beneficiaries you can call or email the fraud hotline below. Below you also will find phone numbers you can use to report child or adult maltreatment. If you suspect misconduct or have concerns – but aren’t sure who to direct them to – please use the DHS Integrity form below. You can make a report through the form and hotlines anonymously.

Fraud Hotline for suspected fraud:
Please call 1-(800)-422-6641 or email

Child Abuse and Maltreatment Hotline for suspected neglect, abuse, or maltreatment of children:
Please call 1-800-482-5964.
TDD: 1-800-843-6349.

Adult Protective Services Hotline for suspected neglect, abuse, or maltreatment of adults:
Please call 1-800-482-8049.

DHS Integrity Reporting Form

Fill out my online form.
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