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The following documents are available for this provider type. See also All Providers.

Provider Manual

To see the full history of Notices of Rulemaking and Official Notices for this provider type, please download from the manual “Other Policy-Related Notifications for this Provider Type” using the link above. Additional Notices issued for all provider types can be found using the “Other Policy-Related Notifications for All Provider Types” link above.

RA Messages

5/23/24-6/6/24Edit 3383 Retrospective EOMB Review
5/2/24-5/16/24Counseling Services Parent Screenings
4/25/24-5/9/24Pharmacy Billing of CGM and Diabetic Supplies Delayed
4/11/24-4/25/24PA Required on A9513
3/28/24-4/11/24Transplant Billing
2/22/24-3/7/24Rates for 77520, 77522 and 77523
1/18/24-2/1/24Effective 1/1/2024 PCP Referral Not Required to Bill Counseling Level Services
1/4/24-1/18/24Procedure Code 96381 Covered as of 10/6/2023
12/14/23-12/28/23Procedure Code 86256 with Modifier 26 Covered for Laboratory Services

Fee Schedules

Procedure Code Tables

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