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Notices of Rule Making


Official Notices

1/14/22ON-001-22COVID-19 Oral Antivirals
12/22/21ON-028-21COVID UPDATE: Updated Laboratory Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19
12/13/21ON-027-21COVID-19 UPDATE: Booster Dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination Shot
12/8/21ON-026-21New Process for Adult Maltreatment Registry Background Check Requests
11/24/21ON-025-21COVID-19 – UPDATED: Monoclonal Antibody Administration for Treatment of COVID-19
11/22/21ON-024-212021 Fourth (4th) Quarter Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II (HCPCS) Code and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
11/15/21ON-020-21Vaccine Added to MMIS/interChange: VAXEIS (DTAP-IPV-HIB-HEPB)
11/9/21ON-019-21COVID-19 – Pfizer Pediatric Vaccination Shots (Ages 5-11 Years Old)
11/8/21ON-018-21COVID-19 – Moderna Low-Dose Booster
11/8/21ON-017-21UPDATE: Laboratory Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19
11/5/21ON-015-21 COVID-19 – J&J Vaccine Booster
9/28/21ON-013-21Anesthesia Billing Procedures Clarification
8/25/20ON-011-21Nurse Practitioner (NP) Procedure Codes Added (Retrospective)
8/19/21ON-010-21Additional (Third Dose) COVID-19 Vaccination Shots
8/9/21ON-009-212021 Third (3rd) Quarter Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II (HCPCS) Code and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
4/1/21ON-002-212021 Second Quarter Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II (HCPCS) Code and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
2/18/21ON-001-212021 Annual Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II (HCPCS) Code, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), and ASC Code Conversion

RA Messages

12/16/21-12/23/21 Procedure Code J2357 (Xolair) Rate Update
12/16/21-12/23/21 COVID-19 – Add Rules for Procedure Codes 0071A, 0072A, and 91307
11/11/21-11/18/21 COVID-19 – Diagnosis Code Group 2024
11/11/21-11/18/21Audit 6127 – Updated
11/4/21-11/11/21Audits 6792 and 6793
10/21/21-10/28/21COVID-19 Johnson & Johnson Single Dose Vaccine Codes 91303 and 0031A
10/14/21-10/21/21Add COVID Vaccine 3rd Dose Procedures
10/7/21-10/14/21Procedure Codes Added to the Nurse Practitioner Provider Contract
9/16/21-9/23/21Procedure Codes added to the Primary Care Case Management Assignment Plan
9/16/21-9/23/21Annual Conversion in the 2nd Quarter codes for COVID
9/16/21-9/23/21Update Diagnosis Group 2003
8/26/21-9/2/21Configuration Update for Error Code 6793 – EOB 0792 (POST-OP CARE IS INCLUDED IN THE PAYMENT FOR THE SURGICAL PROCEDURE)
8/26/21-9/2/21Claims Voided Incorrectly on the Medical Policy (MEDPOL) Tables
8/26/21-9/2/21Place of Service (POS) 61 Added
8/26/21-9/2/21Add Missing Diagnosis to Diagnosis Group 2006
8/26/21-9/2/21Update the PCP Exemption Rules to Bypass Error Code 1050 for Hospice Members
8/5/21-8/12/21Error Code 3388
8/5/21-8/12/21Audit 5105 – Bypass if COVID Diagnosis
7/22/21-7/29/21Annual PCCM Payment Reconciliation
7/22/21-7/29/21Billing and Reimbursement Data Added for U0003 and U0004
7/22/21-7/29/21Place of Service 19 Added (Off Campus – Outpatient Hospital)
7/15/21-7/22/21Prior Authorization Processing
7/8/21-7/22/21Radiopharmaceutical Procedures to JCode/NDC Bypass
7/8/21-7/22/21Medical Supply Contract for A9575 and A9500
7/8/21-7/22/21Diagnosis Codes – Payable on Crossover Claims
7/8/21-7/15/21Provider Type 58 (Nurse Practitioner) Added with Place of Service 21
7/8/21-7/15/21Error Code 5820
7/8/21-7/15/21Procedure Code 36572
7/8/21-7/15/21Diagnosis Group Included Incorrect Diagnosis Codes
7/2/21-7/8/21COVID Administration Vaccine Rate Change
7/2/21-7/8/21Non-COVID Procedure Code 0019T
7/2/21-7/8/21COVID Procedure Codes 0011A, 0012A, 0013A
7/2/21-7/8/21Date of Death Correction
7/2/21-7/8/21COVID-19 Diagnosis Codes Added
7/2/21-7/8/21Bypass Copay for Given Procedure Codes
7/2/21-7/8/21Cost Share ARKIDS B
5/6/21-5/20/21Arkansas EPSDT Periodicity Schedule Correction
4/8/21-5/6/212021 Promoting Interoperability Meaningful Use Attestations

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