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All Providers

All Providers

Provider Manual

The following sections of the Arkansas Medicaid provider manual apply to all provider types. For information specific to your provider type, refer to Section II of that provider manual.

To see the full history of Notices of Rulemaking and Official Notices for all provider types, please download from the manual “Other Policy-Related Notifications for All Provider Types” using the link above.

Aid Categories to Benefit Plans Crosswalks

Aid Categories currently found in Section I [124.000] of your provider manual are now known as “Benefit Plans.” Benefit plans will eventually replace aid categories in Section I. Until these changes have been promulgated and incorporated into Medicaid policy, we offer the following crosswalks to assist you.

Aid Category to Benefit Plan crosswalk10/16/17
Dental-specific Benefit Plans Crosswalk1/18/24
Vision-specific Benefit Plans Crosswalk4/4/24
Archived Crosswalks4/4/24

RA Messages

5/23/24-6/20/24Federal Ordering, Referring, Rendering, and Prescribing (ORP) Requirements
5/9/24-5/23/24NCCI Inpatient Only Changes / Place of Service (POS) Denials
3/28/24-4/25/24New PWK Segment Requirement for 837P and 837I Fee-For-Service Non-COBA Medicare Crossover Claims
3/21/24-4/11/24Payment Error Rate Management (PERM) Requests
3/7/24-4/4/24Ransomware Attack on Change Healthcare
2/29/24-3/14/24Provider Guidance: Coordination of Benefits
2/22/24-3/7/24Edit 3383 (ATTACHMENT REQUIRED FOR NON-COBA CROSSOVER CLAIMS) Retrospective Review Recoupment – EOMB
2/22/24-3/28/24Annual Billing Conference on May 9, 2024
2/8/24-2/22/24Magellan Pharmacy Point of Sale System Will Be Down
1/18/24-2/1/24Incorrect override of Edit 2502 – MEMBER COVERED BY MEDICARE B
12/28/23-1/11/24CTs A, C and I Added to Edits 528 and 817
12/7/23-12/21/23Importance of Maintaining Current Contact Information With DHS
11/30/23-12/14/23Diabetic Supplies Update
11/30/23-12/14/23340B Changes-System Update to Cutback
11/23/23-12/7/23National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Inpatient Only List Updated in System Retroactive to 1/1/2022
10/12/23-10/26/23COVID-19 Vaccine & Vaccine Administration Changes
9/21/23-10/5/23Prior Authorization (PA) Required for Procedure Code 69716
9/21/23-10/5/23Change Affecting Diabetic/Blood Sugar Testing Supply Benefits
9/21/23-10/19/23340B Providers and HRSA MEF File Information
9/21/23-10/5/23Diagnosis Code Z52.3 Has Been Added to Procedure 38232
9/21/23-10/5/23J1427 Newly Covered and J1426 & J1429 Age Restriction Removed
9/7/23-9/21/23Fix Went in for Claims Denying for Edit 4227 When Claims DOS Spanned Between July 2023 and August 2023
8/31/23-10/27/23Post-Payment Recoupments
8/24/23-9/7/23Incorrect Override of Edit 2504 – MEMBER COVERED BY PRIVATE INSURANCE
8/24/23-9/7/23Procedure Code J1411 Added to Once Per Lifetime Audit
5/11/23-6/8/23Discontinue Submitting the Updated DMS-600 Form
4/13/23-4/27/23XDEA Waivers Are No Longer Required as of 12/29/2022
3/30/23-4/27/23Retrospective Review of Paid Claims – Medicare Advantage Crossover Claims- Edit 3383-(ATTACHMENT REQUIRED FOR NON-COBA CROSSOVER CLAIMS)
3/16/23-4/13/23Medicaid Utilization Management Program (MUMP) process date updated to look at Admission Date on or after 01/01/2023
3/16/23-3/30/23Updated: CLIA Waived Codes with MOD QW
3/2/23-3/30/23Preventative Screening Essential Health Benefits
2/23/23-3/23/23Retrospective Review of Paid Claims – Medicare Advantage Crossover Claims- Edit 3383-(ATTACHMENT REQUIRED FOR NON-COBA CROSSOVER CLAIMS)

Provider Notification Research Log

This Excel spreadsheet is being developed to locate provider notifications using various search criteria. Please note that this is a draft; some functionality may not yet be available.

Fee Schedules

Procedure Code Tables

Recent Official Notices