Medicaid, ARHOME, and ARKids Clients

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All Providers

All Providers

Provider Manual

The following sections of the Arkansas Medicaid provider manual apply to all provider types. For information specific to your provider type, refer to Section II of that provider manual.

To see the full history of Notices of Rulemaking and Official Notices for all provider types, please download from the manual “Other Policy-Related Notifications for All Provider Types” using the link above.

Aid Categories to Benefit Plans Crosswalks

Aid Categories currently found in Section I [124.000] of your provider manual are now known as “Benefit Plans.” Benefit plans will eventually replace aid categories in Section I. Until these changes have been promulgated and incorporated into Medicaid policy, we offer the following crosswalks to assist you.

RA Messages

1/12/23-1/26/23COVID Exemptions to Medicaid End-Dated December 31, 22
12/29/22-1/12/22Physician Visit Benefit Limit Increase From 12 to 16
12/15/22-12/29/22Copay Changes for Some Adult Medicaid Clients
11/10/22-11/24/222022 NCCI Q1 Procedure to Procedure Combination Present on the Same Claim in Production on 01/01/2022
8/25/22-9/8/22Explanation of Medicare Benefits (EOMB) Attachment Requirement
7/21/22-8/4/22Admit Source 7 – End Dated
7/7/22-7/21/22Magellan Call Center IVR Phone System Upgrade
6/9/22-7/7/22Arkansas Medicaid Refund Submission
4/28/22-6/2/22System Downtime for Scheduled Maintenance
4/14/22-5/26/22EOMB Required for Crossover Claims
3/10/22-3/24/22Change In Process For Refund Checks Coming Soon
12/23/21-1/13/22COVID UPDATE: Updated Laboratory Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19
12/16/21-1/13/21COVID-19 UPDATE: Booster Dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination Shot
12/9/21-1/6/22New Process for Adult Maltreatment Registry Background Check Requests
12/2/21-12/16/21Weekend ARIES and COLA updates
11/25/21-12/23/21Procedure Codes For Administration Of Monoclonal Antibodies To Treat COVID-19
11/25/21-12/2/21Denied Claims for Summit Community Care PASSE Clients on November 23
11/25/21-12/16/212021 Fourth (4th) Quarter Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II (HCPCS) Code and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)

Provider Notification Research Log

This Excel spreadsheet is being developed to locate provider notifications using various search criteria. Please note that this is a draft; some functionality may not yet be available.

Fee Schedules

Procedure Code Tables