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Access Arkansas Client Toolkit

Access Arkansas Client Toolkit

We can’t wait for you to use the updated and all its new features.

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  • Setting up Your Access Arkansas Account
    Even if you have had an Access Arkansas account before, you will need to set up an account with the updated Access Arkansas.
  • Applying for Benefits
    Apply for, manage or renew health care, SNAP and TEA benefits using one application for your entire family.
  • Linking Your Case to Your Account
    If you get benefits, you need to link the Access Arkansas account you created to your Social Security number or the case number for your benefits.
  • Linking Your Account as an Authorized Representative
    If you serve as an authorized representative for someone who gets benefits, you need to link the online account you created to the case number for that person’s benefits.
  • Uploading Documents
    You can send information quickly and easily by uploading documents and images directly to your online account.
  • Reviewing Letters & Notices
    If you have misplaced a piece of mail from DHS, you can find it in your Access Arkansas online account.
  • Setting up Alerts and Viewing Messages
    Set up text or email alerts to remind you to check your online account when action is needed.
  • Reporting Changes to Your Information
    If you have changed your phone number or address, gotten a new job, or added a new family member, you can let DHS know by reporting that change in your online account.
  • Renewing Your Benefits
    Even if you applied using a paper application, you can renew your benefits using your Access Arkansas online account by updating the information that is already on record.
  • Filing an appeal
    By law, you have the right to appeal any decision DHS may make that you disagree with. Use the updated Access Arkansas to navigate this process.
  • Scheduling appointments
    If you apply for Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program food benefits, you will need to schedule an interview appointment.
  • Getting Help
    If you forget your username, password, or if you need help with your Access Arkansas online account, it’s easy to reset those yourself or get help from our call center.

Access Arkansas is a one-stop shop to apply for, manage and renew your benefits and update your information quickly and easily. With all new systems, we can expect a few bumps in the road, but we are here to help. If you have any questions about the updated when you start using, you can: