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Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing Home Administrator Program

Nursing Home Administrators (NHA) are required to be licensed by the State of Arkansas. Minimum qualifications for licensure are:

Once an application has been approved the applicant must pass both the State and the NAB exams. The State exam is given in Little Rock the third Friday of each month except December. The NAB test, sometimes called the Federal test, is a computer-based test. After the NHA application has been approved by OLTC, the applicant registers for the NAB test via the internet. The applicant must contact the nearest test site and make an appointment to take the test. Please contact OLTC at 501-320-6411 for information regarding application forms and fees. Study materials for the State Exam are available to the applicant on the Internet and offered by OLTC at no cost. The applicant must purchase study materials for the NAB test.

Individuals who do not meet the qualifications for a NHA license may be eligible to enroll in the Arkansas Administrator-in-Training program (AIT) offered by the Arkansas Health Care Foundation (AHCF). The program is designed for individuals who have at least six to seven years work experience in a nursing home but lack a degree, or have a degree but lack the work experience. The AIT curriculum is a 640-hour program consisting of facility-based training under the supervision of a preceptor and classroom courses held in Little Rock. Information about qualifications, applications forms, and fees may be obtained by contacting the Arkansas Health Care Foundation (AHCF) at 501-374-4422.

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