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Adult Protective Services

1-800-482-8049 - Adult Abuse Hotline

Daughter and elderly motherAging is a natural process, abuse is not. In spite of the headway that has been made in explaining how and why elder abuse occurs, it still remains a poorly understood problem in our state. No simple definition can encompass its many aspects. Elder mistreatment may be an act of commission (abuse) or omission (neglect). It may be an intentional act, that is, a conscious attempt to inflict suffering, or it may be unintentional because of inadequate knowledge, infirmity, or laziness on the part of the person responsible. 

Adult Protective Services or APS, refers to publicly funded programs which investigate and intervene in reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults who are physically or mentally impaired and  and unable to protect themselves from harm. While this description seems relatively straightforward, understanding how APS workers might approach a case is more complex.

Although APS programs now exist in every state, practices may vary greatly according to the specific law and policy of the particular jurisdiction responsible for the program. This phenomenon perhaps can be attributed to the fact that APS has developed relatively free from such constraining or unifying influences as might have been provided by federal regulation.




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Shannon Halijan  Adult Protective Services Director Shannon.Halijan@dhs.arkansas.gov


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