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DHS Hires Marr as New Security and Compliance Director



March 7, 2017
Information Contact:
Brandi Hinkle
Deputy Chief of Communications


DHS Hires Marr as New Security and Compliance Director

Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) Director Cindy Gillespie announced Tuesday that a long-time member of the U.S. Secret Service will serve as DHS’s Chief of Security and Compliance.
Brian Marr, currently the Special Agent in Charge of the Secret Services’ Little Rock Field Office, accepted the job on Tuesday and will be responsible for planning, developing and administering security programs and procedures for DHS personnel and facilities across the state as well as overseeing internal investigations and providing an independent review of DHS internal integrity controls.  
“Our employees often find themselves in dangerous situations due to the nature of our work,” said Gillespie. “DHS clients are usually in crisis and often come into our offices under stress and that can lead to volatile and emotional situations that necessitate security measures for the well-being of everyone involved. I am confident Brian can help our employees to be better prepared for security threats and maintain a safe environment.”
Gillespie noted that Marr will help ensure DHS has a robust and effective fraud prevention and detection processes, which he has extensive experience handling. 
A Fayetteville native, Marr began his Secret Service career in 1989 as a special agent assigned to the Little Rock Field Office. In 1993, Marr transferred to the New York Field Office where he participated in and conducted investigations involving credit card fraud, bank fraud, counterfeiting, and similar criminal activity. In 1997, Marr received his first assignment to the Presidential Protective Division, where he served for four years. 
In 2003, Marr entered the agency’s supervisory ranks with his selection as Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Buffalo Field Office. He returned to the Little Rock Field Office field in 2005 as the Special Agent in Charge, which oversees all Secret Service activities in the state of Arkansas.  
Marr received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas. He will begin his DHS employment April 10. 


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