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PASSE - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PASSE?

PASSE (Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity) is a new Medicaid program that has been created to improve the health of Arkansans who have Medicaid and who also have a need for more intensive levels of care for behavioral health and developmental disability needs. The PASSE program is designed to help connect Medicaid members not only to services from their doctors but also services in the community they might also need. The PASSE also lets a member take a more active role in their treatment.

What is Care Coordination and how is it different from Case Management?

A case manager accesses services for you. But your care coordinator makes sure that services are delivered, that the services are monitored, and that any referrals you may need are made to the right providers.

Can my care coordinator and my case manager be the same person?

Because each person’s individualized needs are unique, it is important that your services are being accessed and delivered by different groups in order to make sure that they monitor each other. It is a safeguard for you to be certain your needs are being addressed and met. For this reason, a care coordinator and a case manager cannot be the same person or work for the same agency.

What role will my care coordinator have with my person-centered service plan (PCSP)?

Your care coordinator will work with you to develop your person-centered service plan (PCSP) which will address your needs. A PCSP is not one-size-fits-all. Your PCSP will fit your services to your needs and offer structure on how you receive your services. It will contain your set of goals, just for you, with measurable goals that you have selected. Your care coordinator will schedule, conduct, and oversee, your PCSP, while offering any referrals you may need.

Does the care coordinator have to come to my home, or can I meet them somewhere else?

Your care coordinator does not have to meet you at your home. You can meet your care coordinator at a doctor’s office, at your home, or another place that you and your care coordinator decide on.  Please speak with your care coordinator to decide what works best for you.

How do I get in touch with my care coordinator?

Your care coordinator will work for the PASSE you are assigned to. Please click the link below to see the contact numbers for each PASSE. If you do not know which PASSE you are assigned to, please call 1-833-402-0672.

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I received an independent assessment, how will this fit into my PCSP?

After you receive the independent assessment, your care coordinator will contact you within 15 calendar days. Your independent assessment is a tool used to help your care coordinator understand what your functional abilities and needs are. The results of the assessment help develop your PCSP.

What if my needs change? Will a new person-centered service plan (PCSP) be created?

Yes. Because your PCSP is an ongoing process, it allows flexibility for events and/or circumstances that you could not anticipate or plan for. If your needs change, your care coordinator will schedule a time and work with you to create another PCSP. If you need any referrals, your care coordinator will help you. In some cases, if there is a change in your condition, you may have to have a new assessment. Your care coordinator can help you with getting another assessment if you need one.

What else should I expect from my care coordinator?

Your care coordinator will not be replacing any family supports you may currently have. Instead, your care coordinator will want to make sure that you are at the center of all the supports and services you are receiving, while encouraging teamwork in an effort to serve you better. Your care coordinator will help you with any referrals you may need, including a primary care physician. This service will help with meeting the goals that are important to you and your family.

Do I have to participate in a PASSE?

If your independent assessment places you functionally at a Tier 2 or Tier3, you will be enrolled with a PASSE. There is no opt-out process for PASSE.

What if I don’t want or need care coordination? 

While it is a requirement for you to work with your care coordinator on a monthly basis, you are only required to meet in person the first visit and when your PCSP is created. You can speak to your care coordinator by Facetime or Skype on a monthly basis all other times. Your care coordinator can adjust this service based on the support that you are receiving, and the care coordinator may decide to take a less involved role if your services and supports are being managed by a parent or guardian.

What if I want to change my PASSE?

You may change your PASSE within the first 90 days (3 months) after your assignment with a PASSE becomes become effective with a PASSE, or during open enrollment. You may also be able to change during the year if you have a good reason for a change. To change your PASSE, call 1-833-402-0672.

When is PASSE open enrollment?

Open enrollment is May 1-31, 2019. If you wish to change your PASSE during open enrollment, please contact us at 1-833-402-0672.

How do I know if my doctor or other health provider(s) are in my PASSE?

Contact your PASSE. The PASSE will be able to tell you if your doctor is in your network. We encourage all doctors to join all the PASSE’s.

I need to contact Optum to schedule an assessment or reassessment. How do I reach them?

You can call Optum to schedule an assessment or reassessment at 1-844-809-9538.

What if I have a care coordinator through AR Choices or Independent Choices for personal care?

Through Feb. 28, 2019, you can stay with the care coordinator in either of those programs. To avoid duplication of services, you cannot be a member of a PASSE and receiving services while also receiving AR Choices or Independent Choices at the same time after Feb. 28, 2019.

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