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Arkansas Works

Arkansas Works is a Medicaid program that offers eligible Arkansans private health insurance coverage. The insurance is offered through qualified health plans from Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield, Arkansas Health & Wellness (Ambetter), and Qualchoice.

Some Arkansas Works enrollees must pay a monthly payment for their insurance, known as a premium. Those enrollees also may have a small payment they will have to make at the doctor’s office, known as a co-pay. Whether you have to pay a premium or co-pay depends on your income.

Arkansas Works enrollees with special health needs may be better served through traditional Medicaid. That will be decided based on information you give DHS on your application.


The Arkansas Works program helps give eligible Arkansans a better quality of life. Insurance plans through Arkansas Works cover health services such as wellness checkups, doctor visits, flu shots, and health tests that can help enrollees maintain or improve their health before a health situation becomes an emergency.

Health insurance is just one part of leading a healthy life. Finding a job you enjoy, staying active and connected to your community, and deciding to never stop learning also all play a role.​

Arkansas Works can help with insurance and check-ups, and we have state partners that can help you with the rest.

Get Help with Job Searching, Education Costs, & Volunteer Opportunities

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If you need more information about your health benefits call your insurance carrier.

Call the DHS Helpline at

7 a.m. to 9 p.m./ 7 days a week
Visit your local county office during business hours for in-person assistance

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