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Arkansas Lifespan Respite

Respite (RESS'-pit): Respite is planned or emergency services that provide a caregiver of a child or adult with a special need some time away from caregiver responsibilities for that child or adult, and which result in some measurable improvement in the well-being of the caregiver, care receiver, and/or family system.

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The Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition's goal is to improve awareness and access of respite information to family caregivers across all age and disability spectrums. This coalition partners with the Department of Human Services-Arkansas Take the Time Lifespan Respite program. To learn more about the program, download the Arkansas Lifespan Respite Brochure. For more information for caregivers seeking respite, download the Arkansas Lifespan Respite Educational Booklet. To find additional web resources, visit the Caregiver Resources page.

Even the most amazing caregivers need a temporary break now and then to take time for themselves and to seek needed assistance and support. The coalition serves as a strong voice for respite throughout the state to promote awareness and help caregivers locate respite care services in their communities. Download Arkansas Lifespan Respite Infographic regarding statistics about caregivers needing respite.

To support and promote the development of a comprehensive statewide respite and crisis care system that is responsive to the needs of caregivers and their families, and enhances the quality of life for all individuals.


The Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition currently meets on the fourth Wednesday of every other month at the offices of Alzheimer's Arkansas at 201 Markham Center Drive in Little Rock. The coalition is represented by caregivers, respite providers, and members of aging, disability, and health services networks. Everyone is welcome.

If you plan to attend, please call us in advance at 1-866-801-3435 so we may give you meeting information.


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Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition Membership Form PDF 05/07/2019
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