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Access Arkansas Call Center 1-855-372-1084 
Adoptions 1-888-736-2820
Adult Maltreatment Hotline (Adult Protective Services) 1-800-482-8049
Arkansas Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222
ARKids First 1-888-474-8275
Child Maltreatment Hotline (Child Protective Services) 1-800-482-5964
Child Maltreatment Hotline TDD (Child Protective Services) 1-800-843-6349
Child Care Assistance 1-800-322-8176
Child Support Information 1-877-731-3071
EBT Help Desk  (24/7) 1-800-997-9999
General Customer Assistance 1-800-482-8988
General Customer Assistance TDD 1-501-682-8933
Fraud and Abuse Hotline - SNAP, TEA & Medicaid only 1-800-422-6641
Medicaid Claims Questions 1-800-482-5431
Non-emergency Medicaid Transportation Questions 1-888-987-1200
Security/Privacy Hotline 1-501-320-3911​
Senior Medicare Fraud Patrol 1-866-726-2916
Suicide Prevention Hotline ​1-888-274-7472


Service: ARKids First Health Insurance
About: ARKids First health insurance provides two coverage options for more than 70,000 Arkansas children who otherwise might have gone without. ARKids A offers low-income families a comprehensive package of benefits. ARKids B provides coverage for families with higher incomes.
Contact: Call 888-474-8275 | Spanish 800-482-8988
Website: ARKids First Health Insurance
Service: Healthcare | Eligibility and Enrollment | More Information
About: Medicaid reimburses health care providers for covered medical services provided to eligible needy individuals in certain categories. Eligibility is determined based on income, resources, Arkansas residency, and other requirements. Covered services also vary among categories.
Contact: 855-372-1084


Service: Child Maltreatment | More Information
About: Anyone who suspects child maltreatment may report. Some people (for example, doctors, teachers and school counselors) must, by law, report suspected child maltreatment.
Contact: 1-800-482-5964
Service: Choices in Living Resource Center
About: The Choices in Living Resource Center is an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). We provide helpful information about long term services and supports in Arkansas. Trained Counselors are here to help you sort through the many options that are available and to assist you in making informed decisions. Anyone may contact us for assistance at 1-866-801-3435
Contact: 866-801-3435
Website: Choices in Living Resource Center Website
Service: Electronic Benefits Transfer System (EBT) | More Information
About: Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is a system which makes the issuance of SNAP and TEA (cash) benefits faster and easier through the use of electronic transactions. Recipients can access their TEA benefits at participating Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point of Sale (POS) devices displaying the Quest mark. SNAP benefits can only be used to purchase eligible food items at FNS authorized stores displaying the Quest mark.
Contact: 1-800-997-9999
Service: Long Term Care Complaints | More Information
About: The Office of Long Term Care investigates complaints against facilities as well as allegations of abuse or neglect of residents, theft of residents' property, and poor quality of resident care. Investigations are confidential, and you do not have to give your name when you file a complaint. If you choose to give your name, the Office of Long Term Care informs you when the investigation is completed.
Contact: 800-582-4887 | Email
Service: Special Investigations - Fraud and Abuse
About: Investigates possible fraud of SNAP, TEA, or Medicaid benefits
Contact: 800-422-6641
Service: Mental Health and Addiction Services in Arkansas Helpline
About: When seeking help for mental health or addiction services for yourself or a loved one, the first step is to find a service provider in your area. You can call our Mental Health & Addiction Support Line at 1-844-763-0198 to locate providers in your area.
Contact: 1-844-763-0198
Arkansas Department of Human Services
Arkansas Department of Human Services

Arkansas Department
of Human Services
(501) 682-1001

TTY: 1-800-285-1131 or dial 711 for Arkansas Relay Service

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