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Rogers Enjoys her Duties for DPSQA


The Division of Provider Services & Quality Assurance (DPSQA), established in 2017, is the newest division in the Department of Human Services (DHS). It serves as a one-stop-shop for licensure, surveys and inspections, incident/complaint investigations, and quality assurance with a focus on improving interactions with Medicaid providers and ensuring that clients receive good service.

Tami Rogers is the Independent Choices program manager for DPSQA. Rogers gives a glimpse into what the division means to her.

DHS Matters: What’s a situation that helped you understand the importance of your position for DPSQA?

Rogers: At the 2018 Arkansas Human Services Employee Association banquet, I looked around the room and began to gain an even better understanding that most DHS employees have a passion for their job. Just like I do, they fight hard on behalf of Arkansans daily. Learning about other staff members who push through barriers and find solutions to serve the people of Arkansas, was inspiring. Attending that banquet did a lot for my morale.

DHS Matters: What do you admire most about your coworkers?

Rogers: I work with people who take initiative to improve our DPSQA processes of assisting others. It’s quite impressive to see on a regular basis. My colleagues also help each other to make sure the work is complete and correct. We owe it to the people of Arkansas to do a good job. As a staff we’ve set the bar high. That’s why our willingness to work as a team is important. I’m definitely impacted by their initiative and unity.

DHS Matters: What do you tell your family and friends about DPSQA?

Rogers: I tell people that DPSQA exists to improve the provider information process. Our focus is to make the process for our providers and clients, to get DHS information, much smoother. We just want to make it easy and convenient for people, instead of having to go to several DHS divisions to get info. Providers used to have to contact several divisions to get what they needed. We also focus on creating regular training and education opportunities for our providers. I usually tell folks that progress, not perfection, is our goal. Consistent oversight and monitoring of providers is critical to the effectiveness of DPSQA.

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