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Partnerships for Success Grant

Partnerships for Success Grant

Point of Contact: Joycelyn Pettus, PFS Grants Manager             

PFS priorities are to reduce underage drinking and use of marijuana of in youth 9-20 years old. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock/School of Social Work/MidSOUTH Center for Prevention and Training (MidSOUTH) serves as a subgrantee for the current PFS project, providing management, training/technical assistance (TA), and event planning statewide to all provider organizations on behalf of DHS/DAABHS. (5 Year Grant)

MidSOUTH continues to be integral in management of Regional Lead Agencies (RLA), the annual Renewal Application Process (RFP), scoring, selection, and oversight of RLA that comprise the group of 13 coordinating organizations. The plan for this continuing PFS-18 project is driven by “lessons learned” in the preceding PFS initiative and data gathered during the current funding cycle. Experience with PFS-13 (management of that volume of programs, among them varying capacities, technical assistance needs, operational approaches, etc.) provided valuable lessons with which this program has evolved. We have consolidated PFS operational units (from 36 in PFS-13) into regional units, thirteen (13) in total, each with a RLA overseeing a contiguous block of counties, community coalitions, and youth prevention programs.

  • Rise Above Alcohol and Drugs Campaign (RAAD) – RAAD is the overarching theme for Substance Abuse Prevention in Arkansas encouraging everyone to Rise Above Alcohol & Drugs! Arkansas’ RAAD campaign is a comprehensive statewide effort designed to share drug prevention information with community stakeholders, school leaders, faith-based groups and business leaders alike. The goal of RAAD is to create curriculum and data driven messages engrossed in activity centered around changed behavior. Additionally, there’s a collective effort to correct misconceptions and stigma surrounding alcohol and drug misuse by promoting messages through community-wide electronic and print media. RAAD not only focuses on environmental influences but also interpersonal influences by including community coalitions in the work. While underage drinking, prescription drug misuse and high tobacco usage remains a prevalent issue in Arkansas, we also face the challenge of addressing an increasing trend in marijuana usage after recent legislation passed to legalize its use for medical purposes.


Save AR Students Kickoff Event Spring – April 25th, 2022

Save AR Students Week – April 25th, 2022 – April 29th, 2022

Arkansas Collegiate Substance Abuse Assessment Survey (ACSUA) – August 2022- October 2022

Save AR Students Kickoff Event Fall – October 17th, 2022

Save AR Students Week – October 17th, 2022 – October 21st, 2022