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Parent Advisory Council

Parent Advisory Council

What is the Parent Advisory Council?

The Parent Advisory Council is a group of parents who have had prior, personal experiences with the child welfare system, or who have successfully strengthened their family or overcome challenges within their family through community support services. The parents are selected to serve on the council to promote policies and improve services and practices in the child welfare system.

What does the Parent Advisory Council do?

The Parent Advisory Council works with the Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Prevention & Reunification Unit. The Council helps the unit build partnerships between parents and staff, promote parent leadership development, and help expand the meaningful roles of parents throughout the system.  The council ensures a strong parent voice in shaping the programs, services, and strategies of child welfare.
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Current PAC members

How can I help?

Join the PAC! The parent advisory council is currently accepting applications through September 30. We are looking for parents who:

  • have been involved with the child welfare system through an investigation, in-home protective services, or foster care*
  • have a desire to promote policies and improve services and practices in the child welfare system to help strengthen families and keep them together safely.
  • are actively engaged and willing to fulfill other roles as needed, such as public speaking, reviewing proposals, developing resources to assist the unit staff, as well as implement and promote protective factors framework
  • Has professional references from someone involved in child welfare or other community-based services.

Stipends are available through funds provided by the Children’s Trust Fund, and payments will be made according to time and effort of the volunteer. Apply today!

Download a PDF Application