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Title Type Posted Date
2017 Medicaid Program Overview PDF, DOC 05/21/2018


Title Type Posted Date
Financial Guidelines for Purchased Services PDF 05/30/2011


Title Type Posted Date
Social Services Block Grant Manual PDF 01/11/2010
SSBG Manual 2005 July Revisions PDF 06/30/2005
SSBG Manual 2007 Revisions PDF 06/30/2006
SSBG Manual 2006 July Revisions PDF 06/30/2006
SSBG Manual 2003 Revisions PDF 12/31/2002
SSBG Manual 2005 Revisions PDF 12/31/2004
SSBG Manual 2010 Revisions PDF 12/31/2009
SSBG Manual 2004 Revisions PDF 02/14/2004
SSBG Manual 2006 Revisions PDF 01/31/2006


Title Type Posted Date
DHS Unduplicated Client Count SF11-15 - includes Projected SF16 PDF 10/04/2015
DHS Unduplicated Client Count SF10-14 - includes Projected SF15 PDF 12/08/2014
Social Services Block Grant Pre-Expenditure Report PDF 06/30/2011
DHS Unduplicated Client Count SF08-12 - includes Projected SF13 PDF 10/01/2012
DHS Unduplicated Client Count SF09-13 - includes Projected SF14 PDF 10/29/2013


Title Type Posted Date
Listing and general description of computer databases PDF 02/28/2009

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