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Williams Enjoys New Role for Services of the Blind

Date: 02/26/2019

Cassondra Williams, director of the Division of Services for the Blind (DSB), enjoys serving people while also leading her staff.

“I love mentoring and helping individuals discover opportunities they’re not aware of,” Williams said. “Each person can contribute if they are placed in the right situation with the right opportunity. My responsibility as the director of DSB is to nurture staff as we work to show our clients how to access the resources needed to reach their goal of independent living.”

Williams, a graduate of the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, became director in December 2018. She began working with the division in January 2009. According to Williams, who has a Doctorate of Management from the University of Phoenix, being director is an ideal situation. 

“My passion for working with individuals with disabilities began when I was a child, as I had a hearing impairment which did not get addressed properly,” she said. “I eventually learned to overcompensate in other areas to make sure that I was not left out of important life events. So my enthusiasm for this career comes naturally.”

Williams, who was previously assistant director of the division, says her time in the Army Reserve 95th Training Division also makes a difference.    

“Being in the military gave me a chance to learn leadership skills,” she said. “I enlisted during my senior year of high school not knowing how life-altering that decision would be. Also, I used the opportunity to get a college education.”   

A wife, mother of three, and an avid reader, Williams goal for the division is to build upon a blueprint that already exists.

 “My vision for DSB is to ensure that all of our clients receive quality services where they can become independent and employed,” she said. “And I want us all as DSB employees to increase our skillsets. I also have a goal for the division to partner with even more businesses across the state of Arkansas”

For more information about DSB go to https://humanservices.arkansas.gov/about-dhs/dsb.

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