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DCO Gives SNAP Clients Nutrition Tips

Date: 08/09/2019

The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of County Operations (DCO) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) gives food assistance to eligible households to help cover their monthly food costs. But SNAP clients also receive food nutrition information so they can put healthy food to work for their families.                               

In every county office there’s a SNAP nutrition board and pamphlets that provide food tips. Tomesha Harrison, DCO program eligibility coordinator for the Pulaski Jacksonville office, explains why it’s important that they share healthy eating tips and tricks with SNAP clients.  


DHS MATTERS:  Why do SNAP clients get nutrition tips?            

HARRISON: “We want to make sure that SNAP clients know about food safety and cost-effective grocery shopping through buying fresh food, correct food portions, and nutritional serving sizes just like anybody else. Our clients need to know how to get fresh food for a reasonable price.”


DHS MATTERS: How does DCO Pulaski Jacksonville staff make sure people get the information?

HARRISON: “The information is on a table in the lobby. When clients are filling out paperwork, they can read the nutrition facts that are available. Our goal is to always make it easy for clients to see the info and get whatever they need.”    


DHS MATTERS: How do you encourage your clients to follow the food nutrition tips?

HARRISON: “I keep it down-to-earth and personable by telling them the approach to grocery shopping that I use. I talk about the fresh fruits and veggies I love, what they do for my health, and how to get the foods for a cheap price. Oftentimes, SNAP clients also get Medicaid. That’s something else I keep in mind as I talk to my clients about having healthy eating habits.”  

For more information about nutrition visit https://www.uaex.edu/health-living/food-nutrition/eating-well/snap-ed.aspx

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