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Community Service Opportunities are Easy to Find Thanks to VolunteerAR.org

Date: 06/29/2018

My name is Ashley Moses, I’m with the DHS Community Engagement team. One of our major projects is VolunteerAR.org, a website that connects people to volunteer opportunities across Arkansas. The portal promotes community service activities so volunteers can address issues such as poverty, homelessness, education, and responding to emergency needs when disasters occur.

DHS Matters: Why should people care about community service?

Moses: Volunteering impacts communities by helping everyone become more unified. I’ve volunteered regularly in my home state of Georgia and here in Arkansas. I have seen how friendships and partnerships are born through people serving the community. For the volunteers themselves, community service typically increases self-esteem, expands career paths, and improves physical and mental health.

DHS Matters: What are some of the things you enjoy most about VolunteerAR.org?

Moses: The portal makes it easy to find volunteer opportunities in your community. You can sort opportunities based on your availability, location, skills, and personal interests.  The portal does much more than “volunteer matching.”  No matter where I am, I encourage people to check out www.volunteerAR.org and register to become a volunteer. People never know what kind of opportunity they’ll find, and how it will impact their life!

DHS Matters: Is there an example of when you saw the value of the portal?        

Moses: After a person has signed up and volunteered with an organization, we ask for their feedback. That’s always something I get excited about. We’ve had so many people who are first-time volunteers make comments like, “It was a rewarding experience,” and “I enjoyed being a volunteer,” or “I never thought I’d have so much fun volunteering.”  Those kinds of comments show me the portal can help people experience the importance of volunteering. I love how people become hooked on serving others.



Cutline: In the photo above Ashley Moses is with her coworker Ezell Breedlove during an event where they're promoting VolunterAR.org.

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