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Avey Knows the Impact of Annual Fitness Competition

Date: 02/24/2019

Julie Avey is a Division of County Operations local office administrative assistant for Pope County. Her duties include making appointments, registering applications for Department of Human Services (DHS) programs, helping clients with questions regarding coverage and benefits, and completing various reports.

Avey was DHS’ biggest weight loss loser in the 2018 Blue & You Fitness Challenge. As a team, Pope County finished first in the overall DHS standings. Naturally, Pope County is ready to defend their title during the 2019 fitness challenge which started on March 1. 


DHS MATTERS: What did you like most about the teammate and team captain concept of the Blue & You Fitness Challenge?

AVEY: Our team captain took it serious. She made sure we were exercising and sticking to our personal weight loss plans. Seeing her determination inspired a lot of us to match her desire to do well and become healthier.                  


DHS MATTERS: How did participating in the Blue & You Fitness Challenge change your life?

AVEY: I’m a 62-year-old great grandmother. Up until the fitness challenge, I had mostly a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising was not my thing. But I’m happy we did the challenge. It’s helped me fit into my old clothes once again. Also, because I lost weight, nowadays I’m not in some form of pain when I have to walk.


DHS MATTERS: Aside from losing weight together, what other way did you and your coworkers benefit from participating in the Blue & You Fitness Challenge?

AVEY: We got to know each other a little better. The fitness challenge gave us all something common we could talk about, compare, and make plans for together. Plus, it was a lot of fun competing against one another for a really good cause, even though we were on the same team.      

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