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Access Arkansas Processing Center Staff Go Beyond the Call of Duty

Date: 10/28/2018


The Access Arkansas Processing Center (AAPC) has an eleven-person Team Work Committee that led a successful center-wide fundraiser for the Batesville Battered Women’s Shelter and the Arkansas’s Most Unwanted Animal Shelter. The committee strives to create and maintain a family-like environment between the center’s staff members. They also look for opportunities to give back to the community by participating in service projects throughout Independence County.               

DHS Matters: What is the Access Arkansas Process Center and why is it so important?

AAPC:  At the processing center, currently our main focus is addressing the Arkansas Works Program and ArKids First program through the CURAM system.  Basically, we help determine case eligibility for Arkansas Works and ArKids First for potential clients throughout the state.      

DHS Matters: Why did center staff choose to raise money for the women’s shelter and the Arkansas’s Most Unwanted facility?

AAPC:  The fence at the battered women’s shelter was in bad shape. So the money we raised went to repair it. We also donated reading materials to the facility. As for the animal shelter, the owners both work a full-time job and operate the facility on a limited budget. Every donation counts, so we donated part of the funds to that center also.  

DHS Matters: What’s your favorite moment related to helping the two shelters?  

AAPC: For Arkansas’s Most Unwanted it was us donating the food, because that’s the their biggest expense.  As for the women’s shelter, it was giving away a Kindle with thousands of books on it. We enjoyed donating the traditional books as well. While doing those activities, we thought plenty about how lots of people do great things helping folks who are in a tough situation. The two projects were another reminder of how we all can use a helping hand every now and then.   

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