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To My Surprise, She Paid Attention to Me

Posted Date: 06/14/2018
By: Keith Metz

I wish I could point to a single moment with my daughter where the stars aligned and the good Lord smiled down and she actually embraced what I was saying about the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity to learn more, and maximizing her potential.  

All I want is for my daughter to be the best version of her that she can be. But in high school, she was determined to do as little as possible on her angst-filled mission to escape the prison others called school. She wanted to get on with her dream-filled life. She figured that being out of school would allow her to chase some of those dreams. 

No matter how hard I tried to encourage her to take education seriously, and that it’s a pathway to the life she dreams of, my fatherly advice fell on deaf ears.

But now that my daughter is a young adult, she occasionally slips up in a moment of weakness and admits that I was right — gasp — and that she wishes she had acted on my advice.

I’m thrilled that the message is beginning to sink in, and each time she admits that I was right, I remind her that it’s not too late.              

Folks, your kids are listening.  Keep encouraging them to give everything they have to their educational pursuits. Learning is a lifetime endeavor. It’s never too late for your wise words to be heard.

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