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Speaking to the Students Changed My Outlook

Posted Date: 08/08/2018
By: Brittany Reese

My name is Brittany Reese and I’m a Media Specialist for the Office of Human Resources. I’m often amazed at the variety of jobs that the Department of Human Services (DHS) has available. We have positions that match the talents, hobbies, or skill-set of just about anybody.

Two of my main duties are creating fliers and posting job advertisements to attract talent to fill the positions.                                                  

While much of my work keeps me at the Central Offices, I have had the chance to attend some college recruiting events.   

Harriett Brandon, a program administrator, allowed me to accompany the recruiters to some of the college job fairs. While at the fairs, I spoke with students about the benefits of working for DHS. I got a chance to match the students’ majors with job titles on our Careers Opportunities Bulletin.  I also led students through the application process on the AR State Jobs website.

While talking with those young people, answering their questions, and listening to them talk about their life and career goals, I couldn’t help but to think of when I was in their shoes.

Wow, those were definitely interesting and somewhat scary times.

I remember attending career fairs as a college student and being extremely nervous about obtaining a job in my field. But there were media professionals at the fairs who eased my mind by leading me through their application process and encouraging me to apply for positions for their companies.                              

Building connections with students, like the media professionals did with me years ago, was empowering, because I did more than tell them about positions. I helped the students relax, calm down, and get a better understanding of their career outlook. Each time, after the fair was over, I thought to myself, “I was part of that student’s path to reaching a life goal!”   

The recruiting trips have helped me see how my digital interaction with the agency impacts potential job candidates. It helped me further understand the importance of my role in the agency’s hiring process and the maintaining of our culture.     

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