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Sims Provides Comfort for DCFS Kids

Posted Date: 05/23/2018
By: Danielle Sims

As a mom, naturally I love my own children. But I love the kids I meet through my responsibilities for the Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS), as well.

My kids crave attention and want to know that I love them. They always enjoy getting a loving hug.   

That’s something I keep in mind when I’m working with my DCFS kids. When an investigator or caseworker comes into my office holding a baby, I just gravitate to the baby. I want to hug, kiss, and hold the baby. When I meet a toddler who is crying, I naturally gravitate to that child giving hugs and reassurance that they will be safe. When I encounter a teenager who’s angry about life, I try to give words of wisdom and offer a shoulder to cry on.

I do this because I love these kids, and I hope that if a child of mine were ever in a situation that they needed a mother figure, that someone would step up and fill that role. Basically, DCFS is an extension of my motherhood to several kids who may need a loving hug or sincere shoulder to cry on.

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