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Sharp County Staff Understands Their Purpose

Posted Date: 05/09/2018
By: Dwight Sharp

My name is Dwight Sharp, I have been county administrator in Sharp County for 3.5 years.                           

Yeah I know, I’ve heard my share of jokes about Sharp being administrator of the Sharp County office. I admit, it is somewhat funny.

Prior to my current position, I was county administrator in the Fulton County office for 10 years. I’ve also worked for the Division of Children and Family Services and the Access Arkansas Processing Center.

As a whole, I’ve been with DHS for over 35 years.

I’ve come to appreciate a staff that likes being around each other. I’m grateful that the staff here at the Sharp County office has a great rapport.

Five days a week at 8 a.m. I meet with my staff. They all come into the building knowing what their jobs are for the day, and one part of the job is to always expect the unexpected.  In a human services office, the unexpected happens daily, sometimes once or twice, sometimes over and over throughout the day.  There are no slow days, some are just easier than others.

It’s a team of experienced professionals working together that makes the workday into one that is orderly. As a result, we come away knowing that we’ve served those who needed our help. We accomplished what we needed to accomplish.  The team constantly supports one another.

They are part of what’s awesome about where I work.

The Sharp County staff also has a genuine interest in the lives of one another outside the office. They know the names of spouses and children.  They know when a parent is having health problems, and when special family events occur.

With the unexpected being normal in a DHS office, this staff stays ready to help one another. They’re always prepared to switch priorities at a moment’s notice, without grumbling!

Our business throughout the day is serious, but there is value in being a cohesive group who can maintain communication, mutual respect, and keep the atmosphere pleasant.  That’s what this team represents.                      

Everyone on the team remains cognizant of why we’re here, and that’s to serve the citizens of Sharp County.

We often discuss maintaining an attitude of patience, understanding, and prompt response. They all play a positive role in upholding those attributes. They are a capable group of professionals who consistently produce quality services.

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