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Reading, Serving Others and the Beauty of Fatherhood

Posted Date: 06/15/2018
By: Steven Farmer

As a struggling part-time college student, I became friends with an older emergency room doctor at the hospital where I was working full-time.    

It never failed, every morning that doctor explained to me the importance of reading something each day. I learned a lot from that doctor. The most important lesson I received was – embrace the lessons of life and value your education. Doing so will allow you to better serve others.

I would later marry and become the proud father of three beautiful and talented daughters. I’ve always supported them and tried to instill in them the same values that doctor taught me – educate yourself, learn from life, be a servant of the people, and aim to be a leader. They’ve now all graduated from college, have joined the workforce, and have given me twelve grandchildren. Recently, all twelve of the grandchildren stood with me as I received my doctoral degree.         

So far, I’ve attended two of my grandchildren’s high school graduations. I often wonder how far they will go and what great accomplishments they’ll achieve. I know their academic success and what my daughters – their parents – have achieved is rooted in me emphasizing to them why education and being willing to serve others is vital. And I’m proud of them for who they are as people – not for what they’ve accomplished.             

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