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Motherhood Gives Swann New Perspective

Posted Date: 05/18/2018
By: Allison Swann

I began my career with the Department of Human Services in 2011 and was blessed with my daughter in 2017.            

Co-workers here at the Randolph County office had often told me that having a child would change my perspective about our clients, but I didn’t believe them. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Since the birth of my daughter, I’ve developed a deep understanding and compassion for the parents that we, as the Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS), work with.  I’m fortunate to have an outstanding support system that allows me to go to work and not worry about my daughter.  However, the families that we interact with do not always have the same kind of support.

I also have more compassion for someone who’s a single mother.

Becoming a mom has strengthened my ability to connect with our parents on a level I wasn’t able to previously.  Another way that becoming a mother has changed me is that before I became a mom, I always made myself available to my clients, foster parents, and co-workers at all times.  But now, I have to make it a point to set aside quality time with my family.  I do that to ensure that I am not only physically present for my daughter, but also emotionally present.  By practicing this form of self-care, I am also able to fully focus on my DCFS duties, knowing that when I return home, my family has my undivided attention.               

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