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In the Most Unexpected Way, My Son Figured It Out

Posted Date: 06/15/2018
By: Ed Wallace

As a parent, you always want the best for your children – especially when it comes to education.      

Throughout his life, I’ve had countless conversations with my son about the importance of education. I would always tell him, “Motivation is the key to success.”

He was already reading well at four years old. However, as he got older, his grades began to slip. Of course, I was frustrated by his lack of interest in education, but I never stopped having discussions with him as to why school is important. During that stage of his life, I thought what I was saying was going in one ear and out the other.      

But when he was 17, I guess he finally understood my message. He took it upon himself to register to get a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). When he took the practice GED, he passed with flying colors. He was then required to wait two weeks before he could take the actual test.  And when he got that opportunity my son shined bright. He passed with a high score.       

I learned a lot about being a parent – thanks to my son’s educational path.

Something I realized is that our children are listening to us, even when we think they aren’t. 

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