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I Enjoyed my Tenure at the Arkadelphia Human Development Center

Posted Date: 09/12/2018
By: Johnathan Jones

My name is Johnathan Jones, I recently completed a 14 month stint as the interim superintendent of the Arkadelphia Human Development Center.    

Describing the accomplishments center staff made during that time would take forever. I truly admire their determination.    

Personally, I began working at a human development center years ago at an entry-level position. Though I now sit in a management role, I never forget what it’s like to be a front line staffer.

That’s why I often asked staff how they were doing. I also gave words of encouragement. I made sure they knew I appreciated their efforts. Our clients are precious. Front line staff are directly responsible for protecting, training, and making sure the clients are happy.

When I think of my time as interim superintendent, the prom is one of my favorite moments. One of the reasons why is because both residents and staff were partying without a care in the world. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

During the prom, which was our first prom at the AHDC, residents experienced an evening of class and excitement. They were glowing while wearing their tuxedos and dresses. They also got the chance to hear some of their favorite radio personalities announce the prom king and queen.

Everywhere I went that evening, I saw people hugging, smiling, or dancing. Yes, I was smiling, too. Especially while watching the residents’ faces when they got out of the limos and entered the prom.

Even in my final week at AHDC, clients asked when the next prom would be and told me how much they loved being able to boogie on the dance floor. The newspaper article that showed their beautiful smiles still hangs on their bedroom walls. And, of course, I loved seeing staff have fun as well.

I used my time as interim superintendent to try and uplift our front line employees. I never hesitated to show my gratitude for their dedication and compassion.     

I know for a fact they realized we all have the same mission: improving and empowering the lives of those we serve.          

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