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Hot Spring County Staff Committed to Doing Things the Right Way

Posted Date: 05/11/2018
By: Rose Page

My name is Rose Page. I’ve worked at the Hot Spring County office as a county administrator for a little over two years. 

Previously, I was part of the Garland County office staff as a Division of County Operations PES worker. I later became a PES supervisor. After six years with Garland County, in 2012 I went to the Montgomery County office for my first stint as a county administrator. I held that position until I became administrator of the Hot Spring County office in 2016.          

On several occasions, I’ve witnessed or experienced the benefits of a staff working together. And the current staff I have loves to support one another. And it makes for a productive, healthy work environment. I appreciate their unity.

Also, they always take pride in their work. They want to ensure that everything is done correctly and in timely manner. They never forget that they’re serving the people of Arkansas – that’s why we exist.                            

The staff constantly works with their supervisors to make sure procedures are being followed. They’re also confident enough to challenge each other when discussing policy as they’re adamant about doing things the right way. With the constant policy changes and work requirements for our programs, our clients tend to get frustrated and upset about their benefits. However, our workers clearly explain policy to clients and provide resources to help them find the tools needed to survive. Thankfully, my staff is always professional and courteous during those moments.  

Their jobs can be very demanding, yet they properly handle phone calls, cases, office visits, and changes. They’re always eager to learn and available to complete any task. I can’t say enough of how much I love how they meet deadlines and have excellent attendance. Those attributes help us better provide services to our clients.    

This Hot Spring County staff is the epitome of a team. Also, they do their work if they are being closely supervised or not. That’s because they take pride in what they do and in themselves as well.  They understand our clientele usually has fallen on hard times and are in need of certain benefits.

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