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Davis Focused on SEAHDC Mission, and Being a Parent to Residents

Posted Date: 05/21/2018
By: Beverly Davis

Being a mother is a blessing.  I strive daily to be the best mom and the best supervisor I can be.  The mission statement of the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center is, “I am dedicated to providing training, treatment, and care to the people we support.”    

I support my own daughter.  And as our mission statement suggests, I support and care about the people we serve. I do so, like they’re my children, too. 

I want our residents to increase their abilities, preserve and enhance their human dignity, self-worth, and the independence they need to stand on their own.  I work to instill in our clients, as I instill in my daughter, the notion that they’re important, they’re achievers. I encourage them to be the best that they can be and remind them that they are “somebody.”             

At the center, I’m a mother-figure to some of the people we serve.  Many have stated they know I’m not their mother, but I am like a mother-figure for them.  For that reason, I have to carry myself in a proper, motherly way at all times. No matter what’s going on, I put the residents’ well-being first.  They’re depending on me just as my own child depends on me.

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