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Casey Has New Outlook on Her Job Since Becoming a Mom

Posted Date: 05/22/2018
By: Haley Casey

When my husband and I finally had our bundle of joy in August 2014, I was beyond excited. I was ready to form a healthy relationship with my child. I quickly learned how important that bonding time was.                         

Once I got back to my kids and families being served by the Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS), my perspective had changed. Giving birth altered my outlook, for the better.

My first removal after having my daughter was different. Every visit was different. Every joyful reunification was different. Every termination was different. Every goal change was different. Every adoption was different. Everything was different because, as a new parent, I could relate to the situation. I could share the pain, but also I shared the joy with the families, because I knew what it was like to love, bond with, and care for a child unconditionally.

In fact, my 3-year-old will tell you, “Momma works for DHS.” If we see a white state car with the red state seal on it she’ll scream, “Momma, wave! It’s a state car!”

I’m fortunate to have a supportive husband, family members, and friends who help watch her when my Child and Family Services responsibilities extend beyond traditional work hours. I never forget the importance of making time for just “us.” Having family time always helps me refocus. Once I do that, I’m then ready to better handle the pressures of work and give families in Arkansas the service they deserve.         

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