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Being a Mother Gives Payne Drive and Ambition

Posted Date: 05/18/2018
By: Capri Payne

At the Jonesboro Human Development Center (JHDC), we serve some of the most venerable citizens of our great state.                            

It’s in our best interest not to allow things outside of work to hinder our focus on serving the residents. Yet most moms will agree that’s a difficult task.  My youngest child is on the Autism Spectrum and receives several therapies each week.  While my child should never need the services offered at a development center, being here on a regular basis helps me empathize with the people who do need our services and their families.          

When I come in each day, I’m still a mom. Therefore, I make it a goal to make someone’s day better. I’ll let anybody know that I care about them, and I take on challenges the way I would want them addressed if my child resided at JHDC. That’s what any mom would want for their child.  When I go home each night I tightly hug my children because I’m thankful for the abundant blessings we have been afforded.  

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Arkansas Department of Human Services

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