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Being a Dad, I Start the Education Process for My Kids

Posted Date: 06/15/2018
By: Cory Walker

As a father, I don’t rely on the schools 100% for my children’s education. My philosophy is learning starts at home. I used to love watching "Your Baby Can Read" with my sons when they were younger.  I spend time reading with my boys and hold detailed conversations regarding what we read. Our discussions allow them to practice analytical skills and maintain lessons learned. Equally important, they are able to communicate effectively with both their peers and adults. 

Even though my father dropped out of high school in the early 1950’s to begin working, he was a highly intelligent man with a lot of pride. Still, he was humble enough in his later years, to seek help for strengthening his reading skills. He found that help through my mother, who was a school teacher for more than 20 years, and specialized in language arts.

My father’s testimony about learning to read and to value education has been a major influence in my life. Now, I am simply perpetuating what I value, based on the experiences with my father. My boys and I go shopping for books and make an adventure of learning new words; and we travel and observe new surroundings and cultures. As a result, they are learning faster than the majority of their peers and continue to finish at the top of their classes.

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