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Lane eager to help solve opioid epidemic

Posted Date: 11/03/2017
By: Kirk Lane

My name is Kirk Lane.  I’m a product of the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy and the FBI National Academy.

I’ll be frank – the task of undermining the opioid epidemic is vast.

Similar to many regions of the nation, Arkansas has been hit hard by opioid-related developments. In order to defeat this epidemic, we’ll have to assume an all-hands-on-deck approach.

This battle against prescription drug abuse is a matter of saving lives, preserving the well-being of families, and helping to reverse the tide of a growing issue. I’m confident this mission will be a success. I have such a stance because I join a legion of honest, dedicated, hard-working Arkansans in striving to prevail over this disconcerting trend.      

I am the Arkansas Drug Director. I’ve been in the role of state drug director since August. This is the most recent stanza, in my well-established record of participating in the fight against drug abuse.

Prior to becoming a state official, I was Benton Police Chief. Before 2009, when I became the Chief of Police in Benton, I was with the Pulaski County Sherriff’s office for more than two decades. As a member of the Pulaski County staff, I was captain of its Criminal Investigations Division for nearly a decade.

Additionally, I’ve also been involved with the Arkansas Prescription Drug Advisory Board and the Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. In the process, I’ve gained extensive education about the dangers of opioids.

I’ve witnessed the impact of the improper use of prescribed medicines. The consequences of opioid addiction are heartbreaking. It’s a situation which can erode at the emotions of even the most jovial person. Therefore, this is a crisis we as citizens must address. We can no longer turn a blind-eye to it.

But in order for this task to reach its full potential, your assistance is necessary. Your cooperation is needed. I want to invite you to join or to encourage your local law enforcement agency in combatting a huge epidemic.

But how can that be done, you ask.

By spreading the word about the hazards of prescription drug abuse and encouraging your law enforcement leader to be proactive in dealing with this epidemic.

So I encourage you to speak with the youth, your neighbors, clergy, elected officials, middle and high school educators, and community leaders about preventative measures of prescribed drug abuse. Making sure the problem never manifests in your household or neighborhood is a huge step in the right direction. The resolve of this epidemic begins with you.

Join me in the fight against the widespread opioid epidemic.

To learn more about the situation, go to this website https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/index.html or www.artakeback.org .


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