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Rural Health Clinic (RHC)

Rural Health Clinic (RHC)

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Provider Manual

To see the full history of Notices of Rulemaking and Official Notices for this provider type, please download from the manual “Other Policy-Related Notifications for this Provider Type” using the link above. Additional Notices issued for all provider types can be found using the “Other Policy-Related Notifications for All Provider Types” link above.

RA Messages

8/12/22-8/25/22Extend Enhanced Rate for COVID Vaccines to 4/22/22
3/31/22-4/14/22RHC Providers Rate for Telehealth Visits Same as Face-to-Face Encounter
3/3/22-3/10/22COVID – Admin Fee
2/10/22-2/17/22Add COVID-19 Procedure Code 0004A
12/16/21-12/23/21 Procedure Code J2357 (Xolair) Rate Update
12/16/21-12/23/21 COVID-19 – Add Rules for Procedure Codes 0071A, 0072A, and 91307
11/11/21-11/18/21COVID-19 – Diagnosis Code Group 2024
10/7/21-10/14/21Procedure Codes Added to the Nurse Practitioner Provider Contract
9/16/21-9/23/21Audit 5202 Bypass for Alternate and Interim Alternate Benefit Plans
9/16/21-9/23/21Annual Conversion in the 2nd Quarter codes for COVID
8/26/21-9/2/21Update the PCP Exemption Rules to Bypass Error Code 1050 for Hospice Members
8/5/21-8/12/21Error Code 3388
7/22/21-7/29/21Annual PCCM Payment Reconciliation
7/22/21-7/29/21PT 29 (RHC) and PT 49 (FQHC) Added to Procedure Codes
7/8/21-7/22/21Radiopharmaceutical Procedures to JCode/NDC Bypass
7/8/21-7/22/21Diagnosis Codes – Payable on Crossover Claims
7/2/21-7/8/21Date of Death Correction
7/2/21-7/8/21COVID Administration Vaccine Rate Change
7/2/21-7/8/21COVID-19 Diagnosis Codes Added
7/2/21-7/8/21Cost Share ARKIDS B
5/6/21-5/20/21Arkansas EPSDT Periodicity Schedule Correction

Fee Schedules

Procedure Code Tables