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COVID-19/Coronavirus Information for DHS Employees

COVID-19/Coronavirus Information for DHS Employees

We know that our employees may have questions or concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, and we want to make sure you get answers to your questions. We appreciate all of you for the work you’re doing, especially during this public health situation.

Link: UPDATED GUIDANCE during this public health emergency – 3/20/2020

HR Liaisons

If you have questions about work or other work-related concerns that your supervisor hasn’t been able to answer, reach out to the HR liaison for your division or office. Here’s a list of liaisons:

DivisionHR LiaisonEmail Address
DDS – Arkadelphia HDCConnie
DDS – Booneville HDCJulie
DDS – Conway HDCJennifer
DDS – Jonesboro HDCLori
DDS – Warren HDCLauren
Division of Aging Adult & Behavioral Health ServicesKristi
Division of Child Care and Early Childhood EducationMichael
Division of Children and Family ServicesStaci
Division of County OperationsSarah
Division of Developmental Disabilities Services – Little RockGretchen
Division of Medical ServicesRichelle
Division of Provider Services & Quality AssuranceLiz
Division of Youth ServicesDanielle
Shared ServicesGeorge
HR Liaison ManagerDonna

Email your questions

If your supervisor or HR liaison could not give you the answer you need, you can now send an email to

DHS Employee Guidance

Public Health Emergency Leave

Types of Leave Available Due to COVID19

Remote Work Public Health Emergency

Public Health Emergency Leave FAQ

If you need instructions for remote login, you can visit our sharepoint site (you will need to use your DHS email and passwod to log in).

You can watch the COVID-19 DHS Employee Townahll Q & A (3/17/2020) here.


All discretionary business travel is on hold unless approved by the Secretary’s office. This mean things like conferences. If you have questions, please talk to your supervisor. Employees are being asked to let us know about any out of state personal travel you have planned in the next few weeks by going to this link and filling out the short form. DHS is not asking you to cancel your plans. We simply want a way to know where employees are going to make sure they are not returning to work from an area of concern as determined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). You can find the latest travel information here as it changes.

COVID-19 Resources

Where to get reliable information

  • The Arkansas Department of Health is the best place to look for accurate and timely information. Go to its website to find helpful guidance.

What to do if you experience COVID-19 symptoms

Here are a few options for screenings if you wonder if you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus:

  • UAMS Help Hotline: 800-632-4502
  • Online Screening:
  • Drive Thru Triage: Corner of Sheffield and Jack Stephens Drive (Across form Spine Institute) in Little Rock. Open Daily 8:00am-9:00pm. This is designed to quickly and safely screen people with cough, fever, shortness of breath, flu, or Covid-19.

What to do if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19

  • Call the Health Department Hotline at 800-803-7847 if you have been exposed or are having symptoms.
  • Do not go to any doctor’s office, urgent care clinic, or emergency room without first calling and getting instructions.
  • If someone needs urgent medical care and could have been exposed to COVID-19, tell the operator when you call 9-1-1.
  • Per Employee Benefits, do not call Company Nurse. Company Nurse is only to be called once the employee has been tested and has gotten a positive confirmation from CDC for COVID-19.
  • Do not go to work if you feel you have been exposed. Call your supervisor and refer to the State policies on COVID-19.

Other helpful online resources:

Federal Laws Passed in Response to COVID-19

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