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General Operations:

Service: Accounts Payable and Purchase Orders
About: Pays invoices for vendors, clients, providers, agency credit card charges, and employee reimbursement for business expenses, and other miscellaneous accounts, and direct or claim payments. In addition, warrant re-issue on checks outstanding, and outlawed warrants to State Claims Commission for payment. Resolution of over-payment by memorandum to recoup payment and budget issues due to “lack of funds.” Process payments for grants, EBT, and Fund Reservations
Service: Payroll, Benefits, Time and Leave Management
About: Track time, expenses, pay, direct deposit, and recurring deductions to ensure the accuracy of payments for more than 7,400 employees for processes of wages and salaries. In addition, manages the enrollment and maintenance actions of all employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement, and deferred compensation programs
Service: Travel and Cash Management
About: Maintains checking accounts for Office of Chief Counsel, i.e., legal fees, Arkansas State Hospital, central office fees (DDS); general account, etc., travel advances, foster care trust accounts {Great Plains}, month-end board,contract recoupments, and distributes returned checks, and warrants held for pick-up.

Processes on-line and manually submitted travel reimbursements and employee request for travel advances for all DHS employees, foster parents, volunteer transporters, and board members, as well as work to resolve travel issues, Medicaid payments, processes payments for direct hotel billing, CTS {Travel account}, WEX {Gas Card}, and WISE reimbursements.

Managerial Accounting:

Service: Accounts Receivable
About: Provides billing for Hospital Assessment Fees, Quality Assurance Fees, Provider Fees, Rents, Medicaid Match, Eligibility and other billing as needed. Provides collection for Recipient, Employee, and Provider Overpayments.
Service: Funds Management
About: Management and monitoring the flow of DHS funding and ensuring the efficiency of fund operations; providing accurate and timely reporting of financial status and balance of funds; ensuring compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations, including the Cash Management Improvement Act agreement.
Service: Reporting and Forecasting
About: Grants Management including fiscal monitoring of DHS awards and funded projects from inception to final reporting and ensuring fiscal compliance with federal and state regulations and award terms and conditions. Financial reporting on and monitoring of over three and a half billion dollars annually awarded to DHS from federal funding sources. Maintenance of the DHS Grants Database, a current and complete comprehensive catalog of all funding sources that DHS is administering.
Service: Research and Statistics
About: Processing and reporting of Cost Allocation using the required and approved Public Assistance Cost Allocation Plan to determine the quarterly indirect costs for each DHS program, based on actual effort and benefit to each affected program, and measured using federally approved methodologies. Cost Allocation methodologies include time studies, headcounts, and other statistical methods.
Arkansas Department of Human Services
Arkansas Department of Human Services

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