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The following memoranda and transmittals have been issued by the Office of Long Term Care and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (formerly known as HCFA).

The following documents are available in Microsoft Word format (doc) or portable document format (pdf). When you click the link, the document opens in a new window. To return to this page, close the window.


Title Type Posted Date
LTC-A-2018-03 - Ombudsman Notice of Transfers and Discharges PDF 02/15/2018
LTC-A-2018-02 - Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice PDF 02/15/2018
LTC-A-2018-01 - Nursing Facility and ICF License Renewal Notice PDF 12/15/2017
LTC-A-2017-01 - Nursing Facility and ICF License Renewal Notice PDF 01/04/2017
LTC-A-2016-08 - ALF RCF PAHI ADC and ADHC 2017 License Renewal Notice PDF 12/01/2016
LTC-A-2016-07 - FBI Criminal Background Check Fee Reduction Notice PDF 09/07/2016
LTC-A-2016-06 - Performing a Criminal Record Check after an Employee Clearance Registry Disqualifica PDF 08/23/2016
LTC-A-2016-05 - 2016 Medical Eligibility and PASRR Basics Training Notice PDF 04/26/2016
LTC-A-2016-04 - Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice - 2016 PDF 04/04/2016
LTC-A-2016-02 - ALF RCF PAHI ADC and ADHC License Renewal Notice PDF 03/21/2016
LTC-R-2016-03 - Notice of Amendment to Administrator License Reinstatement and Compact Nurse Instruc PDF 03/21/2016
LTC-A-2016-01 - Nursing Facility and ICF License Renewal Notice PDF 01/06/2016
LTC-A-2015-06 - Criminal Record Check Notice of Determination Letter Changes PDF 12/18/2015
LTC-A-2015-05 - 2015 Medical Eligibility and PASRR Basics Training Notice PDF 04/15/2015
LTC-A-2015-04 - Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice - 2015 PDF 04/08/2015
LTC-A-2015-03 - National Criminal Record Check Fee Change Notice PDF 02/11/2015
LTC-A-2015-01 - ALF RCF PAHI ADC and ADHC License Renewal Notice PDF 01/09/2015
LTC-A-2015-02 - Nursing Facility and ICF License Renewal Notice PDF 01/09/2015
LTC-A-2014-04 - Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice PDF 06/25/2014
LTC-A-2014-03 - 2014 PASRR Training Notice PDF 02/13/2014
LTC-A-2014-02 - ALF RCF PAHI ADC and ADHC License Renewal Notice PDF 01/02/2014
LTC-A-2014-01 - Nursing Facility and ICF/MR License Renewal Notice PDF 01/02/2014
LTC-A-2013-07 - Annual ICF Client Eligibility Review Date Notice PDF 06/18/2013
LTC-A-2013-06 - Nursing Facility and ICF/MR Administrator License Renewal Notice PDF 04/02/2013
LTC-A-2013-04 - PASRR Record Review Notice PDF 01/23/2013
LTC-A-2013-03 - Phone Number Changes for OLTC PDF 01/14/2013
LTC-A-2013-02 - Nursing Facility and ICF/MR License Renewal Notice PDF 01/14/2013
LTC-A-2013-01 - ALF RCF PAHI ADC and ADHC License Renewal Notice PDF 01/04/2013
LTC-A-2012-09 - Hand in Hand CMS Training Notice PDF 10/01/2012
LTC-A-2012-08 - Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes PDF 08/27/2012
LTC-A-2012-07 - Insulin Pens and Single Use PDF 05/23/2012
LTC-A-2012-06 - PASRR Training Notice PDF 04/10/2012
LTC-A-2012-05 - Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice PDF 03/30/2012
LTC-A-2012-04 - Notice of Fee Decrease of FBI Background Checks PDF 03/01/2012
LTC-R-2012-03 - Removal of Phone Based Background Checks and Implementation of Unified Background Ch PDF 02/21/2012
LTC-A-2012-02 - Nursing Facilities and ICFs/MR License Renewal Notice PDF 01/09/2012
LTC-A-2012-01 - ALF RCF PAHI ADC and ADHC License Renewal Notice PDF 01/05/2012
LTC-A-2011-14 - Compliance with Food Procurement Requirements for Nursing Homes with Gardens Produci PDF 09/09/2011
LTC-A-2011-13 - Section 6121 of the Affordable Care Act for Nurse Aide Training in Nursing Homes PDF 08/15/2011
LTC-A-2011-12 - Reporting Reasonable Suspicion of a Crime in a Nursing Home PDF 08/15/2011
LTC-A-2011-11 - Cameras in ICF/MR Common Areas PDF 08/01/2011
LTC-A-2011-09 - Notice of New OLTC Web Site PDF 07/22/2011
LTC-A-2011-07 - MDS Submissions and Section S PDF 01/06/2011
LTC-A-2011-06 - Options Counseling PDF 01/05/2011
LTC-A-2011-05 - NF Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice PDF 01/04/2011
LTC-A-2011-04 - PASRR Training Notice PDF 01/03/2011
LTC-A-2011-03 - Licensure Renewal for Nursing Facilities and ICFs/MR PDF 01/02/2011
LTC-A-2011-02 - Licensure Renewal for ALFs RCFs PAHIs PDF 01/01/2011
LTC-A-2011-01 - Interior Finish Documentation Requirements for Nursing Homes PDF 12/31/2010
LTC-A-2003-27 - Notice of Training DOC
LTC-A-2006-22 - Final CMS Rule DOC
LTC-A-2003-25 - Notice of Training on Abuse & Neglect Investigations, Incident & Accident (I&A) Repo DOC
LTC-A-2004-22 - Notice of Air Conditioner Recall DOC
LTC-R-2006-20 - Notice of Promulgation DOC
LTC-A-2003-06 - Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2004-06 - Notice of Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal DOC
LTC-A-2009-05 - Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2010-04 - Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice PDF
LTC-A-2005-04 - Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2006-13 - Clarification of the Amount of Air Movement Allowed Between Corridors and Resident R DOC
LTC-R-2003-38 - Notice of Emergency Promulgation of Section 901 of the ALF II Regulations DOC
LTC-R-2004-25 - Notice of Promulgation of Amended ALF Regulations DOC
LTC-R-2011-10 - ALF ASCU Universal Workers Regulations Notice PDF
LTC-R-2009-17 - Notice of ALF Level II Regulations Amendment PDF
LTC-A-2004-09 - Notice of RCF, ALF, ADC, ADHC and PAHI License Renewal DOC
LTC-A-2009-04 - Notice of RCF, ALF, ADC, ADHC and PAHI License Renewal DOC
LTC-A-2005-10 - Notice of RCF, ALF, ADC, ADHC and PAHI License Renewal DOC
LTC-A-2009-12 - ALF Multiple Residents Per Room DOC
LTC-R-2006-15 - Notice of Training DOC
LTC-R-2006-17 - Notice of Training DOC
LTC-A-2004-21 - CDC Recommendations and Guidance on the use of Antiviral Medications to Reduce the I DOC
LTC-A-2003-04 - Arbitration Agreements - CMS Position DOC
LTC-R-2003-32 - Promulgation DOC
LTC-A-2007-11 - Canopy and Overhang Sprinkler Requirements DOC
LTC-R-2006-16 - Clinical guidance for Clostridium Difficile Associated Diarrhea (CDAD) DOC
LTC-A-2009-03 - CDC Disaster Planning Web Resource DOC
LTC-A-2005-18 - Notice of Training for Federal and State Regulatory Changes, State Law Changes, and DOC
LTC-A-2005-09 - CMS Interim Final Rule for Smoke Detectors DOC
LTC-A-2003-21 - CMS Guidance on IDRs, Distinct Parts and HIPAA DOC
LTC-A-2005-16 - CMS Clarification on Certain Life Safety Code Issues DOC
LTC-A-2005-01 - Notice of CMS Survey & Certification Letters Online DOC
LTC-A-2008-12 - CMS Notice of Mandatory Sprinkling for Nursing Homes DOC
LTC-A-2003-17 - Notice of CNA Contract with Chauncey DOC
LTC-R-2004-23 - Notice of Regulation DOC
LTC-A-2010-05 - CNA Training Program Denial Waiver PDF
LTC-A-2003-08 - Proper Completion of Form 671 DOC
LTC-A-2005-02 - Minimum Computer Requirements for Facilities DOC
LTC-A-2004-17 - OLTC Contact Names and Phone Numbers DOC
LTC-A-2006-02 - OLTC Contact Persons and Telephone Numbers DOC
LTC-A-2005-20 - Procedures for Unwanted or Discontinued Controlled Substances DOC
LTC-R-2009-16 - Notice of New Criminal Background Check Regulations PDF
LTC-A-2003-20 - Increase in Criminal Record Check Fees DOC
LTC-A-2007-12 - Notice of Fee Increase for Criminal Record Checks DOC
LTC-A-2005-22 - Criminal Record Checks for Katrina Evacuees in Facilities DOC
LTC-R-2003-29 - Promulgation DOC
LTC-R-2004-07 - Notice of Promulgation - Criminal Record Check Amendments DOC
LTC-A-2010-14 - Revisions to Criminal Record Check Determination Letters PDF
LTC-R-2006-14 - Notice of Promulgation DOC
LTC-A-2007-16 - Notice of New Death Certificates DOC
LTC-A-2008-10 - Notice of Dietary Training DOC
LTC-A-2005-11 - RCF & ALF Disclosure Statements DOC
LTC-A-2003-12 - CMS Position on Physician Delegation DOC
LTC-A-2004-19 - Notice of Department of Health Food Services Inspections DOC
LTC-A-2009-06 - Department of Health Swine Flu Guidance DOC
LTC-A-2009-15 - DOH Guidance on N1H1 (Swine Flu) Reminder PDF
LTC-R-2008-07 - Notice of Regulation DOC
LTC-A-2003-37 - Physician Delegation DOC
LTC-R-2005-26 - Notice of Regulatory Changes to Minimum Staffing and New Regulations for Donation of DOC
LTC-A-2009-14 - Surveyor Access to Electronic Health Records PDF
LTC-A-2004-18 - Use of Electronic Records or Electronic Signatures in Nursing Homes DOC
LTC-R-2007-09 - Notice of Promulgation DOC
LTC-A-2004-15 - ESRD Care for Nursing Home Residents DOC
LTC-A-2003-14 - Effect of Expungment on Criminal Record Checks DOC
LTC-A-2005-21 - Expungement and Act 1923 of 2005 DOC
LTC-R-2008-08 - Communication with Facility During Survey DOC
LTC-A-2003-03 - Federal Posting Requirements DOC
LTC-A-2003-11 - Notice of federal update training DOC
LTC-A-2004-08 - Fire Ant Advisory and Information DOC
LTC-A-2008-13 - Notice of NH Five Start Rating Web Site DOC
LTC-A-2006-09 - Notice of Regional Pandemic Influenza Summits DOC
LTC-A-2009-11 - Notice of Availability of Green House DOC
LTC-R-2008-11 - Notice of Regulation DOC
LTC-A-2009-18 - H1N1 Updated Information for Facilities PDF
LTC-A-2008-05 - Notice of Heparin Recall by FDA DOC
LTC-A-2005-12 - Hepatitis B and Multiple Patient Use of Fingerstick and Glucose Monitoring Devices DOC
LTC-A-2003-09 - Release of Resident Medical Information to OLTC under HIPAA DOC
LTC-R-2010-09 - Notice of Promulgation PDF
LTC-A-2009-10 - ICF/MR Client Funds Management DOC
LTC-R-2010-07 - Evacuation Drills for ICFs/MR PDF
LTC-A-2003-18 - Notice of Changes to Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Process DOC
LTC-R-2003-24 - Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Regulation Promulgation Notice DOC
LTC-A-2004-10 - Notice of In-Facility Testing of CNA Candidates DOC
LTC-A-2007-13 - Conducting Initial Medicare Surveys DOC
LTC-A-2010-08 - Notice of Designation of Local Contact Agencies (LCAs) PDF
LTC-R-2005-14 - Notice of Changes for Appeals and for RCF Incident Reporting DOC
LTC-A-2005-07 - Nursing Homes and ICFs/MR Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2010-01 - Notice of License Renewal PDF
LTC-A-2010-02 - Notice of License Renewal PDF
LTC-A-2003-36 - Transferring Liquid Oxygen DOC
LTC-A-2003-16 - Notice of Adoption of 2000 Edition of Life Safety Code DOC
LTC-A-2003-28 - Notice of Training - Edition of the Life Safety Code DOC
LTC-A-2005-15 - Notice of Life Safety Code Training DOC
LTC-A-2003-02 - MDS Manual Revision and Download Location DOC
LTC-A-2004-11 - Notice of Minimum Data Set (MDS) Training DOC
LTC-A-2005-03 - MDS Training Notice DOC
LTC-A-2005-06 - Additional MDS Training Notice DOC
LTC-A-2005-25 - Notice of PASSR and Medical Eligibility Process Training DOC
LTC-A-2007-01 - Storage of Medical Gases DOC
LTC-R-2003-19 - Medical Need Determination Regulations DOC
LTC-A-2003-22 - Corrections to Medical Needs Determination Regulations DOC
LTC-R-2003-31 - Promulgation DOC
LTC-A-2010-12 - Emailing Medical Needs Documents to Nursing Facilities PDF
LTC-A-2006-01 - Dedicated Medical Needs Determination Fax Number DOC
LTC-R-2006-04 - Notice of Promulgation DOC
LTC-R-2009-09 - Changes to Medical Needs Procedures DOC
LTC-A-2007-05 - NATP Alert DOC
LTC-A-2006-23 - Nursing Assistant Training Program Regulations Clarifications DOC
LTC-A-2003-26 - Notice of New DMS-703 Medical Need Determination Form DOC
LTC-A-2006-07 - Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2007-03 - NF and ICF/MR Administrator Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-R-2004-05 - Notice of Nursing Home and Large ICF/MR Regulations, and Availability of Licensure F DOC
LTC-A-2004-0 - Nursing Homes and ICFs/MR Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2006-06 - Nursing Facilities and ICFs/MR Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2003-10 - Nursing Home and ICF/MR License Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2007-02 - NF and ICF/MR License Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2008-01 - NF and ICF/MR License Renewal DOC
LTC-A-2009-01 - NF and ICF/MR License Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2006-12 - Notice of Nursing Facility Training - Activities and Activity Directors, Minimum Dat DOC
LTC-A-2005-17 - National Provider Identifier Notification DOC
LTC-A-2008-04 - Notice of PASSR and NH Eligibility Training DOC
LTC-A-2011-08 - OLTC Notice of Medicaid Medical Eligibility and PASRR Training for 2011 PDF
LTC-A-2009-02 - OLTC Contact Persons and Telephone Numbers for 2009 DOC
LTC-A-2010-13 - Office of Long Term Care Contacts PDF
LTC-A-2005-19 - New OLTC Web Site Address DOC
LTC-A-2004-13 - Performing Criminal Record Checks with the ASP On-line System DOC
LTC-A-2005-13 - Criminal Record Check On-Line Determination Letter DOC
LTC-A-2008-09 - Notice of Fax Number for Medical Needs and Options Counseling DOC
LTC-A-2010-03 - Options Counseling Form Amendment PDF
LTC-R-2010-10 - Notice of Promulgation PDF
LTC-R-2008-06 - Notice of Regulation DOC
LTC-A-2005-23 - Checking the Registries of Other States DOC
LTC-A-2003-07 - Preventing Delays of Prior Approval Drugs to Facility Residents DOC
LTC-A-2009-13 - Notice of PASRR Training PDF
LTC-A-2006-18 - PASSR Reminder Notice DOC
LTC-A-2006-21 - Notice of Training - Medicaid Nursing Home Eligibility Process & PASSR Evaluation Pr DOC
LTC-A-2007-10 - CMS Clarification of Terms Used in Physical Restraints DOC
LTC-R-2003-33 - Promulgation DOC
LTC-A-2004-01 - CMS’ Clarification on Nursing Homes Requiring Promissory Notes or Deposit Fees as a DOC
LTC-R-2006-03 - Provisional Licensure Regulation Promulgation Notice DOC
LTC-A-2004-14 - Notice of RAI Coordinator Appointment DOC
LTC-A-2006-25 - Notice of RAI-MDS Web Based Training (WBT) DOC
LTC-A-2003-30 - Revisions to the RAI Manual DOC
LTC-R-2006-11 - Notice of New Fax Number for RCF and ALF Incident and Accident Reporting DOC
LTC-A-2007-04 - ALF/RCF Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2008-02 - NoticeALF/RCF Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2003-13 - ALF, RCF, ADC, ADHC and Post-Acute Head Injury Facilities License Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2007-08 - Notice of Promulgation DOC
LTC-R-2005-24 - On-line Access to OLTC Registries DOC
LTC-A-2004-26 - Rescind LTC-A-2004-19 Notice of DOH Food Services Inspections DOC
LTC-A-2003-01 - Notice of Restraint Process Indicator Training DOC
LTC-A-2005-27 - Notice of Revision to CMS S&C Letters for Immunization and Medical Director Guidance DOC
LTC-A-2006-08 - Life Safety Code Requirements for Roller Latches and Emergency Lighting DOC
LTC-A-2006-10 - Life Safety Code Requirements for Roller Latches and Emergency Lighting for ICFs/MR DOC
LTC-A-2007-15 - Satisfaction Survey Participation DOC
LTC-A-2007-14 - Special Focus Facilities DOC
LTC-A-2007-17 - Special Focus Facilities DOC
LTC-A-2004-12 - Notice of SIQ Clinical Tools and Web Site DOC
LTC-A-2004-20 - CMS Position on Serving Soft-Cooked Eggs to Residents DOC
LTC-A-2005-08 - SOM Changes for Incontinence and Catheters DOC
LTC-A-2003-23 - Sprinkler Recall Notice DOC
LTC-A-2009-08 - Handling of SSI Payments DOC
LTC-A-2003-15 - Notice of No Staffing Increases on July 1, 2003 DOC
LTC-A-2006-05 - RCF/ALF/PAHI/ADC/ADHC Licensure Renewal Notice DOC
LTC-A-2009-07 - Stimulus Check Guidance DOC
LTC-A-2010-11 - Use of Surge Suppressors in ALFs and RCFs PDF
LTC-A-2007-06 - Long Term Care Survey Process for Nursing Facilities - Notice of Provider Training DOC
LTC-A-2003-05 - Notice of NH Surveyor Procedure Training DOC
LTC-A-2008-14 - Notice of Web-based Tuberculosis Reporting System DOC
LTC-A-2004-16 - Mounting Computer Touch Screens in Hallways DOC
LTC-A-2004-04 - Pressure Ulcer Process Indicator Training Notice DOC
LTC-A-2005-05 - Vail Bed Recall Notice DOC
LTC-A-2010-06 - Wall Mounted Devices PDF
LTC-A-2004-03 - West Nile Virus Advisory and Information DOC
LTC-R-2006-19 - Notice of Promulgation DOC

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