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Who Can get Full Medicaid Benefits?

It depends on how much money you make, how much property you own, your age, and your situation. Most people who can get Medicaid are in one of these groups:

If you can’t get full Medicaid benefits, there are programs that can help. Here are a few:

Medicaid Spend-Down

If you are hurt or sick and need a lot of care, you might be able to get temporary help from Medicaid even if you make too much money to get regular Medicaid.

To qualify for Medicaid Spend-Down, you must be spending a large part of your money on medical care.
You have to re-enroll in Medicaid Spend-Down every three months.
Contact the DHS office in your county for details.

Medicare Savings Programs (QMB, SMB and QI-1)

You must be on Medicare to qualify for any Medicare Savings Program.
You must make less than a certain amount.
Different programs have different rules.
For more information about Medicare Savings Programs, contact the DHS office in your county.

Arkansas Department of Human Services
Arkansas Department of Human Services

Arkansas Department
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