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Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA)/ Work Pays

The TEA Program is a time-limited assistance program to help needy families with children become more responsible for their own support and less dependent on public assistance. In addition to monthly cash assistance, employment-related services are provided to parents, including job-readiness activities, transportation assistance, childcare assistance, and other supportive services so that the parent can engage in work or education and training activities.

The Division of County Operations is responsible for determining the eligibility for cash assistance payments for the Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA) and Work Pays Programs. The Department of Commerce Division of Workforce Services is the state agency responsible for administering the program and providing supportive services and case management for TEA and Work Pays recipients.

TEA Application Form | English
TEA Application Form | Spanish
TEA Change Report
Department of Workforce Services TANF Website

TEA Program Penalties

In the TEA Program, an IPV (Intentional Program Violation) is an intentional action by an individual to establish or maintain an assistance unit’s (AU’s) eligibility, or to increase or prevent a decrease in the AU’s benefits, by providing false or misleading information or withholding information.

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